"More Portal for Sure" - Valve + News on Gordon's Whereabouts

Eurogamer Said: Valve has said it will definitely be making more Portal, confirming plans to add significantly more than just "a bunch of new puzzles".

Speaking to Eurogamer, spokesperson Doug Lombardi said it was less a matter of if and more a matter of what and when.

"There'll be more Portal, for sure. But the details of that, to be honest, we're still working out," he said.

"The only smart thing we did for Portal was to hire those seven kids and give them the support they needed to make the game."

Unsurprisingly Valve is reluctant to be rushed by a release schedule. It's adopting the same policy for Half-Life 2 finale Episode Three.

"Gordon is our number one guy," said Lombardi. "In Episode One I think we left people with some big questions. After Episode Two people saw it was going somewhere.

"With Episode Three we want to live up to the promise of where we are taking things to; there's a lot of work being done to make sure we deliver on that promise."

He added, "Exact details on what's next for Gordon are a way off; probably months not weeks."

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Vip3r3733d ago

Portal is amazing and I certainly can't wait for more content and hopefully a multiplayer mode/splitscreen too.

solar3733d ago

portal was great. new content will be welcomed.

and u ps3 and 360 guys finally got ur awnser. the new maps for TF:2 are coming to consoles for free. :D

mintaro3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

portal was an amazing experience, i just wonder if glaDos is coming back

SilPho3733d ago

Portal is THE reason I own the Orange Box, no questions asked. The other 4 games were an added bonus. (Which I really should pay more attention to).

@mintaro. My thoughts are below.

Warning: Minor spoilers about Portal's ending coming up...




Considering we did burn all of her important parts you'd think that would be the end of the evil AI, on the other hand she did claim that even when we're dead she'll be "Still Alive". I hope to see her again though, GlaDos 2.0 anyone?

Scenarist3733d ago

lol , Portal was great , for the next iteration as viper said multiplayer would pwn .. I can smell some portal co-op puzzles now teamwork would be great in that sort of game if done correctly

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