What if Sonic and Mario's fortunes were reversed?


What if things were different?

We all know the story. Mario was great, then Sonic was newer, then Mario was great then Sonic was worse, then it was Mario Week on GamesRadar... But what if things had gone the other way? What if it was Mario who suffered a decade of missteps while Sonic went from strength to strength, trailblazing his way into gaming history by constantly reinventing himself like a spiny, blue… er… Madonna. Let's see how that might have panned out if the roles were reversed...

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zeal0us2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Mario would of went downhill around the Dreamcast era/Sixth Generation of gaming. Nintendo would still be making consoles regardless.

Now if Sega and Nintendo fortunes was reverse then that's a whole different story.

The real question is...Would the reverse situation kept Sega in the console making business longer? Would Sega still be making consoles right now?