The Five Lamest Final Fantasy Characters

GameInformer- Few thrills in gaming can compare to recruiting an awesome character in an RPG. On the flip side, few disappointments are greater than being saddled with a total load. Fans embrace Final Fantasy for its exceptional stories and characters, but this classic franchise doesn’t always get it right. These are five cases where Final Fantasy gave players less then they deserved in the ally department.

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Snookies122192d ago

Yay Hope is the picture! Man I wanted to throw him off a cliff...

user54670072192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

I know right

"Wahhh my mom died so I'm going to try and kill the guy who tried to save her"

<Breaks down and falls to the ground for the 100th time>

If I was Snow I would of beaten that kid....with a broom

Urgh....I hate kids in JRPGs, they always come off as annoying or cheesy and ruin the story. Cooke and Mack ruined Lost Oyssey and those kids in Blue Dragon....GOD, don't get me started on them

Snookies122192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Hahaha, I'd pay to see Snow beating Hope with a broom. That should be DLC...

HammadTheBeast2192d ago

The chick is Last of Us ipretty cool. But thats not an JRPG

Ben_Grimm2192d ago

Not to mention that little girl in Star Ocean with the horrible english voice over. The PS3 version is miles better just because you can switch to japanese voices and not have understand her lame voice.

Yes and Hope got on my nerves also.

goldwyncq2192d ago

My God, haven't you guys played past chapter 7?

There's this thing we call character development, have you forgotten? Yes he's kinda annoying in the first half of the game though he eventually outgrows this attitude in the game.

Snookies122192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Yes he had a good outcome, but it doesn't make up for the 65% of the game he was annoying in.

Pozzle2191d ago

Just because a character has development, doesn't mean they can't also be annoying as hell.

Capt-FuzzyPants2192d ago

He almost fell off a roof didn't he. He was so close to dying.

rezzah2192d ago

He was annoying at first but then he got better.

He only has room to grow, and this was shown through his childish thoughts. Then later his views become more mature, surprising even the adults in the group.

Snow on the other hand...damn that guy is annoying.

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BringingTheThunder2192d ago

kimahris awesome! he doesnt belong here, he's the best all around character. i gave him the strength of auron and healing magic and he was always present.

user54670072192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

I'm honestly surprized they didn't have Squall on this list, maybe people these days are actually seeing the great character development he had. I mean you call Squall "emo" then your basicaly calling Cloud a mega Emo since unlike him Squall actually had better reasons for being the selfish jerk we met at the beginging of the game.

gaffyh2192d ago

I'm surprised that this list didn't comprise of only FF13 and FF13-2 characters.

HammadTheBeast2192d ago

Squall kicked ass.

For the right reasons.

iamtehpwn2192d ago

I think Cloud had many more reasons to be an emotional character than Squall:

- Both of his parents died, leaving him with basically no family
- The man he looked up to as a hero when he was a child had betrayed him
- Everything he knew to be real was actually a lie
- Amnesia combined with the fact he had actually assumed his best friend's identity
- Forced to fight for the company he once worked for.
- Being mind controlled by Sephiroth
- was unable to protect Aerith from dying.

So yeah. Cloud lives a really unfortunate life.

Irishguy952192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Yeah lets see. Squall was introverted because his big sis left him alone at a young age = super **** for half the game

Cloud, **** life. Very **** life, for many reasons = ***hole for 1 hour at the beginning of the game. Changed when he met Aerith and started to care for his new found companions. In fact, Cloud was basically Not even a ****. He just didn't care about Barrets cause, which annoyed Barret.

Oh also like to point out, the reason Cloud is the way he is at the start is because Zack wanted them to be mercenaries/ That's what Cloud was, he wanted money for his job

user54670072191d ago


Mother died at child birth
Father out of the picture
Never who she was
Never knew who he was
Grew up alone in an orphanage
Met a girl he looked up to (sis) and put all his trust into her
She leaves and he's alone again...heartbroken
Decides to never trust anyone again and becomes emotionaly closed.
Realises that the girl he likes is lusting after someone else, his rival

I could go on...

Irishguy952191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Yeah Mike, that was the same for the other few characters in the orphanage and they were fine. It's all little emotional problems that while yes..they are hard to get over, Cloud was ****ed up on a whole other level

ScubaSteve12192d ago

im surprised vanille, didnt make it or queen brahanne

ForNgoods2192d ago

vanille was my most annoying person in a game ever!

Dark_king2192d ago

yep first character that made me want to actually hunt down the voice actor and make sure the could no longer talk.

ForNgoods2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

actually i remember an interview they did with the voice actress for vanille during an E3. She was actually pretty cute but i'd still have to slap her twice for such an annoyance.

Capt-FuzzyPants2192d ago

I actually didn't think she was that bad. She was a bit eccentric, but I guess I put all my hate into Hope.

Relientk772192d ago

Dont really care for any of the characters on this list honestly so I'm ok with it

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