GC 2012: Catch a Glimpse of Final Fantasy XIV’s Gameplay and Presentation at Gamescom

Today Square Enix released a video from the show floor giving a brief overview of its booth, but more important, showing part of the Final Fantasy XIV presentation with Game Director Naoki Yoshida, including some gameplay footage showing a Dragoon engaged in a battle against a tree.

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Capt-FuzzyPants2307d ago

Looks good. I don't if I want to be a Dragoon or a Paladin though.

Leonesaurus2307d ago

Dragoon is awesome in this game. My favorite job by far until they release a Beastmaster type job for me to play with! :)

You might really like it!

Irishguy952307d ago

See? I knew this would take the spotlight this year. Ah well, I guess I have to wait till E3 to see some new Versus stuff

nofallouthero2307d ago

i got excited i thought it said 15 :(