PS3 Attitude - Getting grief online? Here's how to deal with it...

PS3 Attitude explains how to identify and report users who use a headset to verbally attack or abuse other players within PS3 games.

With the lack of a simple reporting system within the PS3, it's harder than you might think to deal with a racial, sexual or cultural abuser.

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Joey Gladstone3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

if you are not old enough or mature enough to be able to ignore people, you cant shrug off comments directed towards you that are only meant to throw you off of your game while playing online, or if you take trash talk to heart ..THEN YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS PLAYING ONLINE. Just wait a year, grower a tougher skin and try online again......
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Dark_Overlord3464d ago

its the more serious abuse like racial, religious etc

Everybody trash talks e.g

'You got owned b*tch'
'I'm gonna rape you'

But this article is on about when it starts going beyond trash talk, ie say you found out the person you were playing was a muslim from the middle east somewhere, and then you started with comments that are actually intended to insult their religion or their ethnicity. Thats when it goes beyond trash talk and into unacceptable abuse, or like that halo bloke from a few weeks ago with the name gayboy (i think it was that correct me if i'm wrong) who got loads of harrasment about his sexuality thats not right either. (admittedly if your gonna pick an online name like that you have to prepare for the worst)

So yes it is an issue whether you accept it or not Joey

VaeVictus3464d ago

Sticks and stones. The people who do things like that are usually losers with nothing better to do. that being said, I wish there were methods of muting people. I am as offended by being forced to listen to "rap" as I am when someone tells me how many times they've done things to/with my mother. I chose to ignore this or just move to another room.

We are too sensitive as a society now. It isn't illegal to speak your mind IIRC, regardless of how ignorant some people may be.

It's a non issue unless it becomes threatening in nature.

The_Engineer3464d ago

I have NEVER heard anyone get out of line on PSN, it may have happened here and there but I personally have never witnessed, now xboxlive is a whole nother story. Live is the jerry springer show of online service.

Rocko3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

When the PSN gets as many users as xbl, it'll be the same story.

Guwapo773463d ago

I've been playing PS3 online since May 07. Never had a problem until playing Rainbow 6. All kinda of racial slurs, sexual harassment to the woman players and pure ignorance(just a bunch of ignorant things being said).

To claim this doesn't happen on the PS3 is nonsense. I'm glad something like this is now in place. I'd be happier to see a more standardized system in place, not just one for First Party games and then have to search all over the net for Third Party games. That just doesn't make sense to me.

Anyways this is a step in the right direction.

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mighty_douche3464d ago

Never had a problem on the PSN personally.

InfectedDK3464d ago

Same here and have never heard of any.. So no big deal!

Kleptic3464d ago

CoD 4 has been going downhill very fast in this used to be fine, with only half of the players using headsets...but since the beginning of this year, stuff is really getting crazy...

it doesn't bother me personally...I like swearing just as much as the next guy...but I can understand when a father is playing a game, whom doesn't have a headset, and his kids get to hear what is being said through the regular speakers...a mute function is sorely missed...

the funniest though is an ongoing console war between a few clans...there is some clan I regularly run into in team deathmatch with a 'x360' tag...and some of the fanboys just start screaming at them to go play well as other racial and stereotyping slurs come flying out, mostly in terms of the clan members being extremely homosexual...I find it funny...I don't join in, just listen...its the first time I ever heard someone called a ball-sucking democrat...might use that some day...


i dont care what is being said , go to a different room if you cant take it . I have never had a problem ..

Dark_Overlord3464d ago

It would probably be easier to name the things I haven't been called, but then again that only happens about 1% of the time the other 99% everybody is perfectly fine. It doesn't bother me what people call me, I couldn't care less. All I was saying above is that some people go too far and turn it into a hate campaign against a certain player.

Rice3464d ago

Most of the time i would do that, but some people take it too far... The only reason there saying that is because they can, noone can see him/her, and noone knows who that person is. So they have the privilege to do so, without worrying abou the consequences.

Rice3464d ago

Most of the time i would do that, but some people take it too far... The only reason there saying that is because they can, noone can see him/her, and noone knows who that person is. So they have the privilege to do so, without worrying abou the consequences.


i know what you mean , to be honest its when i go on a game and catch a kids room . but im 30 an i expect that from kids . I have never had problems when theres grown folks in the room . Most of the time it those obnoxious kids playing with there friends and showing off. but thats such a rare case to see kids on psn anyways .

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Kleptic3464d ago

be nice if CoD 4 had a mute function...

killer_trap3464d ago

the only reason i didn't have much trouble with psn is because it's silent as a grave most of the time. i don't know wy but people on live are much more vocal!!!!!!

as for racial and or in real life it's mankind's biggest challenge.

games4fun3464d ago

i play resistance custom maps with 40 people one hit kills (usually sniper/carbine weapons only) of those 40 people usually nobody even says anything they just play or maybe mention where a big group of people are maybe 1 out 3 times i play there is one user who is saying something but usually nobody smack talks they just play its refreshing to play a game online in peace

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