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"Many will be familiar with Toki Tori on WiiWare, released a few years ago and since on several systems; it's been quite the popular game, but not many people are familiar with the original entry in the series. This is understandable, because it was released at the tail end of the Game Boy Color's life cycle back in 2002, but now has a second lease of life on the 3DS Virtual Console.
If you've played the remake you probably know what to expect here, but for those new to Toki Tori, here's a brief explanation. You play as the titular bird attempting to rescue your siblings, who are still trapped in their eggs, and have been scattered through four different areas. Toki Tori isn't very athletic or strong, so to get around each level you'll have to rely on a limited supply of special abilities, each of which has its own unique use.", writes NintendoLife.

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