Is smartphone gaming here to stay?

The likes of Sony are finally having to sit up and take notice as smartphone gaming accelerates and begins to eat into the console market-Or is it a fad for casual gamers?

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Dlacy13g2310d ago

agreed clearly not going anywhere as phones get more tech so will the games. BUT... I don't know how "big" it will get. I think mobile gaming will probably stay about where it is now assuming phones stay the same size they are now. It will forever be more casual pick up and play for 5 min type games, not deep 20+hr RPG games.

schlanz2310d ago

There is no evidence that mobile gaming will "forever" remain casual only. Mind you Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3, and Final Fantasy Tactics WotL are now on mobiles and there are actually a bunch of original RPGs that with quite a bit of length and content too.

The more the market for games on mobiles grows, and it is growing faster than any other game market, the more development resources and talent will be poured into making more engaging games

Dlacy13g2310d ago

@schlanz I understand what you are saying, but I think the size of the device (assuming current form factors stay as is) will keep the mobile phone from really becoming a huge hardcore platform. It will certainly have hardcore games on it, and some will do pretty well but the VAST majority of games that will get played on mobile phones will be relegated to pick up and play casual experiences.

schlanz2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

What size do you mean? 5" androids? 3.5" iPhone? 4" androids? 7", 8", 10" tablets? That's the beauty of the mobile platform; there are so many different sizes of devices, if you prefer a larger or smaller screen, there is one for you. And although the Xperia Play wasn't a smash hit, at least it proved that physical controls can be done very well on a mobile device. I'd have to assume it will be done even better in the future, and hopefully from a company that really puts more muscle into the system and especially the marketing behind it. (Perhaps now that Sony has bought Ericsson's stake, their next attempt will be more committed.)

You're right however about the probability that the majority of games will remain casual pick up and play games; the fact that they are much easier and cheaper to develop pretty much guarantee that.

It's the same reason why a majority of the games on the DS are shovelware crap.

However the DS also has a huge amount of really fantastic games available for it, despite the majority of its library being overwhelmingly low quality (although casual games aren't necessarily low-quality.)

edit: last thought, although handhelds appeal more to core gamers than mobiles, as a whole I'd argue handhelds appeal more to casual gamers and children, barring perhaps the Vita. Either way, I don't think you can label any handheld system to date a "huge hardcore platform". So I wouldn't expect that from mobiles either; however like handhelds I do expect there to eventually be much more content that appeals to the core gamer audience.

tehpees32310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Yes. The games are a great bargain for casual gamers and unless other types of systems had similar pricing models casuals will take the free/cheap as chips games on the App store. Games on consoles will never be given away for free.

Summons752310d ago

Probably not, eventually people who play them will get sick of them or learn that there are real games in the world and want to play those.

MasterCornholio2310d ago

Yep because a mobile phone is a device that's adequate to almost everyone. Even those who don't game on PC or consoles will find something to play on a smartphone. But dedicated gaming devices will always provide the better experience for gamers.


ImpliedDeception2310d ago

As long as we carry around devices in our pockets, pretty much, yea.

It'll probably die when they come out with wireless neural-links to processors and the internet...

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