Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition gets Jet Force Gemini skins from Rare

XMNR: Classic N64 third-person shooter Jet Force Gemini from Rare is making the leap to the Xbox 360 thanks to a set of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition skins announced by Rare on Thursday.

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ChunkyLover532286d ago

Maybe they are trying to gauge interest in a new Jet Force Gemini game? I loved the N64 game, I remember being mad that the game was like $10 more than the other N64 games though.

Dread2286d ago

I hope your right and they make a next gen jet force gemini

Ms needs to start making more core games that arent arcades. This would be a good start.

DrRobotnik2286d ago

And this what the great Rareware has turned into huh. Forget making KI3, lets just make skins for other games so that people can remember when we were great.

ChunkyLover532286d ago

Rare is working on 2 Xbox 720 launch titles. Rumored to be the Perfect Dark reboot and a new IP. That is what their recent hiring listings seemed to indicate.

Rare hasn't done much since the original Kinect Sports, Kinect Sports 2 was handled by BigPark, so they've had a few years to work already.

Looking forward to what they reveal next E3.

Psychonaughty2285d ago

Well said, I'm always saddened by how ignorant most people are about these things.

Queasy2285d ago

Haha. I doubt it took the hundreds of Rare employees to come up with these three simple skins.

As Chunky mentioned, they are working on at least one next-gen title. Whether it will be good is a different question as the Rare today does not resemble the N64-era Rare or really even the Rare from just a couple of years ago.