Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition Wii U Box Art Confirmed, Looks Awesome

Warner Bros. Interactive has released the final box art for Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition on the Wii U.

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TrendyGamers2285d ago

I think it's the best Wii U box art I've seen yet.

Moncole2285d ago

It has a better box art than the xbox/PS3 version

TrendyGamers2285d ago

Better than the GOTY Edition at least.

Welshy2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

For a console that Nintendo want to fill the void when Sony/Ms move up to to PS4/NextBox, the boxes themselves an Wii U logo look really childish to me.

Reminded me of the V-Tech cartridge cases i had as a kid.

How Nintendo expect people to shell out hundreds of simoleons on a console that looks to be only on par with current HD consoles, ports of years old games with new boxart, and no huge backlog of great games that are super cheap like PS3/360 is honestly beyond me as gamer.

I am by no means anti-Nintendo and have had countless hours of fun with their stuff over the years, but Wii U just isnt an attractive product that only die hard Nintendo fans and/or uninformed buyers are going to back.

Edit: to the magical disagree fairies, please don't click and run, i have no hate for this product and just put straight facts from my perspective. at least do me the respect of explaining why you think i am wrong as i've only given an honest opinion as multi platform neutral gamer.

Puddlejumper752285d ago

LMAO.. Straight fact? NO you gave your OPINION not facts. I'd say that explains the disagrees.

Oh no the box is blue.How can I enjoy the game play when it came in a blue box....

Really? Yet you wonder why people dont agree with you.

Welshy2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Hardware appears to be no more than level with PS3/360: FACT

Features more ports of older 3rd party titles than new 3rd party tiles set for release on PS3/360: FACT

Lacking huge back catalog of games that are available on PS3/360 for £15-20: FACT

That's the facts, and below the facts were my opinions of the overall Wii U as a separate paragraph.

See my other comment below as to why i think the baby blue doesnt mix well with gritty core games like Dead Space, Mass effect, Batman etc.

Nor have you bothered to offer your facts or opnion in FAVOUR of the Wii U, you pretty much just flew out the traps and bit my head of when you clearly never read my comment correctly.

Edit: and judging by your massive anti-sony rant in previous comments spouting Wii U fanboy crap and insulting PS3/vita owners where the Wii U isn't even mentioned, suggests theres more than a little bit of fanboyism going on here.

yabhero2285d ago

The reason you're getting disagrees is because your jumping to conclusions. When 360 and PS3 launched they didn't look much better than late gen Xbox titles... but when the same thing happens with WiiU... it gets hate...

Lvl_up_gamer2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

"Hardware appears to be no more than level with PS3/360: FACT "

Saying "appears" in your own sentence clearly shows that is not a fact. Until Nintendo come out and say what the specs are, you don't know if they are better, worse or on par with the 360 or ps3.

"Features more ports of older 3rd party titles than new 3rd party tiles set for release on PS3/360: FACT"

Name me a console in the last 20 years that had more 1st party release at launch then 3rd party. Of course there will be ports but also 1st party games. It's just there is ALWAYS more 3rd party games on a console at any given time then there is 1st party games simply because the number of 3rd party developers grossly outnumber 1st party. Your "FACT" applies to ALL consoles.

"Lacking huge back catalog of games that are available on PS3/360 for £15-20: FACT "

What do you expect with the launch of a new console? Is this your first year gaming? Where you not old enough to play on the 360 or PS3 when they first launched? The 360 had Xbox ports like NHL 2K6. There were very few games on the 360 and the PS3 yet early adopters still bought millions of 360's and PS3 at launch. Why is it such a problem now that at launch the WiiU won't have a lot of games or have ports of older games? Why does the price matter of the games? If you already own the game from this gen then why complain of the price of a game that you have already played from this gen since there is no reason to buy it again. If you haven't played it, then it will be just as if it's a new game if you do buy it for the WiiU if the WiiU is your first console. If its not, then save some money and buy it on your current console. It's not rocket science.

Your complaints are irrational and they come across as insecure looking for any reason to frown upon the WiiU, even to the point of criticizing the color of the game box. Blu-ray movies come in a blue case, does that mean all blu-ray movie boxes give the consumer the impression that they are all for children?

Don't forget, Nintendo still wants to represent a family friendly brand name while extending their arm to the hardcores. What did you expect their game boxes should look like? Red flames on a blood red box with Nintendo spelled out in bones?

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konnerbllb2285d ago

Boxart totally makes the game better.

Look at that netgen artwork there.

ChunkyLover532285d ago

Looking good, hopefully people support third party games on the Wii U.

THamm2285d ago

No hate but the Wii U boxes look like LeapFrog to me.

Axonometri2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Great Art Cover. Hey THamm, I totally see where your coming from. I think that might just be intended. Maybe not to the point of LeapFrog but the color and design invokes a bit of that Nintendo Family ideology that they surely want to hang on to while now delivering core gaming image.

Welshy2285d ago

Don't you think it's a massive clash though?

It's going to be rough balancing gritty core games with that baby blue box art.

imagine Dead Space got ported over:

"Isaac Clarke is an engineer set to investigate an alien infested vessel and dismember them limb from limb, experience the horror!" *Baby Blue V-tech box art*

Just doesn't work for me.

Axonometri2285d ago

I imagine Ninty could allow other colors but yea.. the pastel baby blue is a bit much for me also. Could of been more neutral at least.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2285d ago

Sorry- I know it will be fun. And the art looks great BUT the blue-lightening is striking me as cheesy.
The same with the box art.

I may just have just woke-up on the hipster side of the bed this morning.

PS No, not a hipster just a joke.

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