Sony the Unstoppable Horse

Wesley Copeland of VGI writes...

"...Every website going has premonitions on what will happen after the life-support gets switched off. Better graphics, faster load times, bigger and better! I've heard all of these sayings used frequently to describe the gaming apocalypse that will breathe new life into our decrepit, dying home consoles."

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Wow what a dummy.

He said there's only 2 ms exclusives?

Halo, gears, fable, forza, ascend etc...that's 5 off the top of my head...all sell extremely well

Here's the best part. He mentions planet side 2 as a ps3 game... IT'S A PC EXCLUSIVE! 2000 player matches are not possible on ps3!

FriedGoat2286d ago

I think he was talking about new IPs not recycled garbage by teams who didn't even make the originals. No Bungie, No Epic, No molenuex etc. I started with a 360 this gen, it started great but I'm finishing with my ps3 and vita :D

Allsystemgamer2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I don't get what part of hells statement people are disagreeing with...those are ma exclusives and planet side is a pc exclusive...

Then why does he mention god of war? It has an equal amount of games as halo....

Sony also has another killzone. Resistance. Sly cooper etc. so the rehasreplyolid stuff doesn't exactly work that way. Sony has more NEW IPs. But they do still milk successful franchises. So don't act like Sony is innocent and ms an Nintendo are guilty.

Ms just lacks new ips. That's about it.

And I wouldn't call it recycled garbage. Sequels are supposed to improve on its predecessor. Halo 4 is innovating the series itself if anyone who has half a brain and access to google can see that.

I don't get what part of hells statement people are disagreeing with...those are ma exclusives and planet side is a pc exclusive...

FriedGoat2286d ago

I'm sorry but if you think 343 can top Bungie you are sadly mistaken. I was originally excited about halo 4. But the more I see of it the less I want it. The features they are adding in are stupid. Halo 3 was my favourite competitive console fps, but reach went a bit mad with the classes etc. now they are taking it even further? Crazy. Gears looks no different to any other gears game. I play gears 3 online but god damn playing that boring single player more than once was enough for me. Gears SP goes like this, walk along talking with your hand up to your ear for half an hour, take cover shoot bad guys put hand up to ear again. And repeat. I'm not buying a game which will have the exact same mp as gears 3. I could go on about the rest... ..but I'm in the bath and need to continue scrubbing my balls.

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"Then why does he mention god of war? It has an equal amount of games as halo...."

The difference is that for every God of War game released. There's like 10 new IP's created by Sony.

Now if Microsoft did the same. Release new IP's ALONG with Halo. Then it wouldn't be a problem now would it? Hence why Sony milking their franchises isn't really that big of a deal. Especially when compared to the likes of Activision with Call of Duty and Microsoft with Halo.

Allsystemgamer2286d ago

So basically what your saying adding things like jet packs and sprint are ruining the series?

Just play classic mode and bam problem solved.

The 2 largest complaints of reach are gone. Bloom and armor lock. They're gone.

Halo 3 got incredibly boring because it became only about the BR. Every match was br this and br that. The BR out gunned everything making each gun worthless. If that's what you enjoyed then I'm glad I quit halo 3.

Your also saying the game won't be better because bungie isn't making it? Many ex bungie employees work for 343. The company is a collective of creators. The name doesn't make the game an the employees changed thought the years.

FriedGoat2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

The BR took skill and that's why it was good. I've been playing quake since the 90's and I'm all about accurate weapons that make games a level playing field. Halo hasn't been about that since 3, and I can't be bothered to play with the other 4 people playing classic mode. And as for the other weapons being useless, you obviously just weren't good enough.
To be fair though halo is like super slow motion compared to quake.

MySwordIsHeavenly2286d ago



Never go full retard.

Allsystemgamer2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Lol @ myswordisheavenly my damn "smart phone" has stupid auto correct. U made me laugh lol

I've been playing quake for years and still play 3 and now am playing tribes ascend.

And saying ur not good enough because u can't outgun a br with an smg is ludicrous. The point I was trying to make is why bother goin out of our way to get something?

MaxXAttaxX2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

If it doesn't say anything positive about MS or Nintendo and it has no place on this site.
Because a 10 to 1 negative Sony articles to others ratio is not enough.


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ProjectDeputy2286d ago

halo 1 and 2 are not exlcusives suck it up i have them on pc

gears 1 also on pc

fable 1 and 3 i got them on pc

forza who careS lol it sales craps compared to the number 1 racing simulator game GT5 wich is ofc better

ascend wtf is that ? is that something that sold like 100 k or something ?

LBP 1-2

Should i continue ? i thought sooo
so go back to gaylo and gears of noobs and let us enjoy our yearly's exclusives games kkthxbb

rdgneoz32285d ago

Ascend is probably Tribes Ascend, a very good free to play MP shooter. If you ever played the original Tribes, you'll enjoy it. Great graphics and gameplay.

Also, you might not want to mention Versus, as they keep saying its coming, but they've never given it an estimated date of when and it's been in production for a long long time... It will come out, but at the moment it might not even come out till the next gen.

ChunkyLover532286d ago

Not going to touch this one.....

DarkHeroZX2286d ago

Well you offer nothing interesting to the table so no loss there.

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