Hands-on with Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth [GAMINGtruth]

Check out our impressions of the super hero brawler.

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Lol_Lmao2252d ago

I'd like to keep my hands off of crap like this. What a waste of the license.

LaWiiG2252d ago

I actually had a pretty good time playing it. It may not be for everyone, but those looking to take a super hero for a spin will have the chance.

Shadonic2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

ill take a look at it it seems like an ok game but its being sold to a market that would call anything trash that's a kinect game no matter if it was good or not even if they would be promised all there hearts desires for actually seriously trying the game ( except for the destruction of the kinect or its games) they would still shun the title. Overall good article seems to be shaping up good i would of liked to have seen some environmental changes from heavy punches knocking the player into different areas of the level. Im happy to see that there's someone who seems to know how to play kinect games out there the kotaku guy did his preview with video and he played it as if he had boneitis from futurama he was so stiff.

Cam_is_16bit2252d ago

"My only regret...." lol

I'd at least like to give props to the devs. A Kinect fighter is not an easy task to handle. At least it's playable and it might be good as a party game.