Top 10 Ways Having a Child Changed My Relationship with Video Games

1MC writes: Today is my son’s second birthday (that’s him with me in the picture above). He’s an awesome little guy and I love him to bits. His coming has changed a lot in my life; some changes were expected and others unexpected. One of these unexpected ways has been his impact on my relationship with video games. The first 9 entries on the list are not in any particular order, but they all build towards #1 in a way that makes it the most important.

So, if you have had a young kid or still have one, you might be able to relate to what you are about to read. If you are thinking about having kids, read this as a cautionary tale. If you ARE a young kid, what the hell are you doing here reading this? Seriously, I’m gonna swear here so you shouldn’t be reading this. For fuck’s sake, where are your parents? Playing video games?

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