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Capcom: We didn’t want Devil May Cry to “fizzle out” before reboot

Capcom producer Motohide Eshiro says a new direction has been taken on the upcoming DmC because the company didn’t want the franchise to “fizzle out”. (Devil May Cry, DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

Whitefeather  +   1055d ago
And now it's going out in a fire...a horrible sad fire.
crxss  +   1054d ago
dmc4 just didn't sell as well as the rest in the series/what they expected. plus, story-wise and gameplay-wise the game wasn't even good, especially when you compare it to other gems in the series such as dmc3 and dmc1.

so you can only really blame Capcom for putting out a mediocre game in a fantastic series and those who bought it and didn't buy it for not buying enough.
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Whitefeather  +   1054d ago
I didn't say it wasn't Capcom's fault. DMC4 was great not the best but good. Ninja Theory still had a chance from the first showing of DmC fans hated it, they could have changed it like Sucker Punch instead they kept going. I myself won't be buying it since it looks okay but I don't wish to support what has happened to the series.
FEARprototype  +   1054d ago
i loved every devil may cry game even 2.
how dare you say devil may cry story and game play is weak!? well its an opinion and i will respect that but don't try to force your opinion as facts.
I've always like other dimension and what of stories and am pretty excited about DMC.

if you guys hate capcom so much why are you waiting for other installment if you know capcom will f it up? why not let the game rest?{ personal i don't want that}
even if their no capcom or devil may cry we still have platinum games and game like bayonetta so it's not like all hope is lost.
thaking155  +   1054d ago
There was nothing wrong with the original. Give it a story that can progress past Devil May Cry 2 and we are set! Oh and go back to 60 Frames per Sec and regular Dante. Or ignore DMC 2 and make a sequel to the first game or DMC 4 with Nero and bring back Virgil

Alot of people are hoping for this to fail, so we can get an appropriate sequel! Yes I am on this train too
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Omnislash  +   1055d ago
They shouldve gone the Metal Gear Solid path. Make one last installment of the game that will wrap everything up and give the player a great sense of closure to the series. But nope! Instead yoou completely ruined the character and created a sad series that hopefully nobody buys.
Deadpool616  +   1055d ago
To save you time...

“As far as the timing is concerned, a big part of the motivation is not waiting for the series to fizzle out, but to do it while the series is still doing really well,” Eshiro told Siliconera at a recent preview event.

“We’ve done Devil May Cry 1-4 and they keep getting better with each iteration, but rather than waiting for things to go badly and then trying to give it a rebirth we thought it would be an interesting challenge to try to do something new with it while it’s still quite viable.”

“As a company, we want to challenge ourselves rather than wait until the series is not viable,” he added later. “Let’s do it now and see what happens while it’s still quite big.”

This is illogical. Why start a new series, when the original series still has questions that need to be answered? At least have the decency to close the original series.
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hardandsloppy  +   1054d ago
This happened to Prince of Persia as well. The 2008 one was awesome, then they go make a movie tie-in, and it looks like they're gonna reboot it again. Developers are pretty dumb sometimes.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1054d ago
That's true. I LOVED the 2008 Prince of Persia. Honestly though, I feel like that ending was good enough for me. (Not the DLC ending)

It is a journey in which both main characters are changed by the end. It was wonderful. Definitely could have been a good movie, as well. Too bad we got...that garbage.
rezzah  +   1054d ago
Still have my LE copy and will never buy the DLC epilogue because it ends on a cliff-hanger..........
met321  +   1055d ago
they are shooting them selfs in the foot with this one good job Capcom i guess they don't care that they just lost most DmC and fan base.
Lord_Sloth  +   1055d ago
If you still can't see this as an issue and are still trying to defend this even a year after it's unveil and just months before it's release, I'd say it's a good sign that you've screwed yourselves over.

Next time, try not to give your fans the finger when they voice their displeasure. Remember that fans are what keeps you afloat.
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Treian  +   1054d ago
congrats Capcom. You killed Resident Evil, you killed Mega Man, now you kill this... >_>
Godmars290  +   1054d ago
I really wish they just stop talking.

The do something bad or nonsensical, then compound on things by trying to justify it. Will even actively contradict complaints as they're being made.
jonboi24  +   1054d ago
If they wanted to do something new then change the games typical architect and pacing. Seriously all DMC pretty much have the same story, some demon that fought Sparta or has some connection to him are trying to destroy or rule the world. Some girl gets involved and you need to eventually save her and save the day in the process. Over the last four games nothing really changed other than the graphics, characters, difficulty, and some small gameplay changes. Look at how Castlevania changed itself to Metroidvania, that was just brilliant and refreshing. The only new thing about DMC are the character models and developers. It looks like it plays the same and the pacing will be the same as all other DMC games. Though the execution maybe better or worse than other Devil May Cry games. Seriously Capcom you could easily take the essence of Devil May Cry and maybe add it to a more open world and less linear game. You can put some branching paths and story. Try a fresher story. Add a little variety in gameplay. For what ever reason I could not see why there hasn't been a mission in previous Devil May Cry games that involved riding a motorcyle. I mean Bayonetta had more variety in gameplay than Devil May Cry. Hell Bayonetta in all purpose is a better Devil May Cry game than, hell it had all the basic Devil May Cry story cliches some in reverse because of a female lead. Seriously Capcom you really haven't tried hard enough to freshen up Devil May Cry and DMC doesn't seem any different.
LordHiggens  +   1054d ago
I'll say it again...tell you're friends who want to buy this game to buy it used...if they have to. Don't give Capcom any money for this horrible abortion of a game. We the gaming community should have this P.O.S in the bargain bin within 6 months.
rezzah  +   1054d ago
Used, is what I was planning on doing too.
bahabeast  +   1054d ago
its sad that dmc4 didnt sell as well when it was the first time multiplat for the series. capcom as a company is horrible though they bamboozle people every year into buy the same game 3 times with ugrades they could have released over DLC
thaking155  +   1054d ago
Mostly because everyone knew that Nero was the primary character instead of Dante. They tried rebooting with Devil May Cry 4 that's the funny thing about it.
elda  +   1054d ago
I can't wait to play this game,it looks fun,not like the boring ass DmC4.I don't understand the disses at the new DMC when no one has even played it yet.
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fei-hung  +   1054d ago
You probably don't understand the disses at the new DMC because you haven't followed the old series deep enough like most DMC fans. You probably also haven't followed NT's behaviour this gen and their habit of constantly shit talking devs, publishers and fans everytime they are making or releasing game.

Most longtime DMC fans cannot support a dev and publisher who have spoken crap and given us the finger over the last 2 years and insist on constantly talking crap to us. If they don't care, nor will we about their game.

Also, many of us do not mind playing the game. It may even be great in its own way, however, it doesn't look or feel or sound anything like a DMC game in anyway shape or form. It's like being given a Pepsi and the vendor telling and forcing to believe its a cup of tea. We may buy the game, but only after it hits the preowned bargain bin in 3-4 months like Enslaved did!
elda  +   1054d ago
WOW...I played all the DmC games & I thought it was about time they did something because the last one was boring,it's really not that serious,either you are interested or not & whomever isn't interested in this new title should just move on & leave their comments to a game they're interested in.
fei-hung  +   1054d ago

I agree, the last one was rubbish never mind boring, but that was due to the lack of Dante, addition of Nero and the crappy copy and paste formula used by Crapcom to lengthen the game.

In other words, Capcom cut corners and made a terrible decision not learning from DMC2 and it cost them. Now they are doing the same thing again; cutting cost by hiring a cheap dev, getting rid of the icon which sells and defines the game and destroying all things holy which made defined the series.

All they needed to do is what the founder of DNC did, evolve the gameplay, turn up the action, add insane set pieces and gameplay mechanics like Bayonetta did. In fact, Bayonetta is proof they could have made a good DMC4 and an even better DMC5 without NT and without sticking a finger to their longtime fans.

They could have then used the same amount of persuasion and marketing as they have done with the reboot to sell it and all would have been happy.

Instead, they gave many people the finger, they have been making excuses after excuses, assuming rubbish about what they think the fans want or what may have upset us, hired a dev who constantly trash talks people and last but not least, they spent shit lots of time and money marketing and PRing this reboot to high hell to convince people to buy it and support it and say it plays as good as previous outings.

What a waste of time and money all for what?!
elda  +   1054d ago
It's just a videogame.
elda  +   1054d ago
If it isn't a videogame what is it???????
timeon11111111111  +   1047d ago
People like you are biggest hypocrits ever.

You used the line "It´s just a videogame."

Well if it is...why the hell are you all over DmC news on N4g giving your opinion constantly of the game?

Constantly telling people that dislike DmC that their opinion of the game is just stupid comments? Obviously it´s not JUST a videogame to you. But you pull the "It´s just a videogame" card as an argument.

You know what kind of people really mean what they say when they say "It´s just a videogame"? It´s the type of people who buy a game from a gameshop without knowing about the game beforehanded.

You know about the game beforehanded and your activity in discussing DmC news is big.

So your line "It´s just a videogame" doesn´t work for you because your using alot of time telling people "The game is great you guys are stupid!".

Yes....it´s just a videogame...hypocrit.
LeoDDestroyer  +   1054d ago
I might be the only one then but I didn't have any issues with dmc4. Hell I even like playing as Nero more than Dante because of the death bringer beside half of that game still had Dante playable.

All this shows is people don't like change which is understandable but I will still give the new game a shot which looks quite interesting.
thaking155  +   1054d ago
Nero's move set compared to Dante's was severely lacking. Dante's move set was miles ahead of Nero. In which once it came to the harder levels as Dante must die, Nero's move set was either plain and or boring to where it was not fun playing him and mixing his moveset up like a Dante who has a ton of weapons, and combos and different styles.

The devil bringer was the worst part of Nero's move set as the same with his other moves, they got boring after half the game and switching to Dante back to him makes it feel like going from a Harley to a Moped in terms of combat. Also the whole going one way with Nero and back with Dante is lazy on Capcom's half. You gotta admit that one!

The reason fans were upset is that they tried to reboot with Nero when Dante still had unanswered questions, still does. Instead of trying to answer them prequel and another prequel and now an official reboot is coming. Has nothing to do with change, or his hair but the series has not been finished and now we are off to a Alt. Universe Dante that alot of absolutly HATE!!
LeoDDestroyer  +   1053d ago
Again I like playing with Nero better b/c of the death bringer. I like being able to either bring the enemy to me or me to it for maximum damage. This is my opinion and while at the beginning I was disappointed as playing as Nero I ended up enjoying it more than Dante.
Clogmaster  +   1054d ago
I think in order to be part of a videogame company, you should also have to be a hardcore gamer. It's not impossible to have the credentials PLUS ability to relate to the gaming community.

There seems to be so much disconnect between gamers and the producers.

Look at the movie scene, it honestly feels like producers/directors have no idea what a videogame is when they make their adaptations.

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