Capcom: We didn’t want Devil May Cry to “fizzle out” before reboot

Capcom producer Motohide Eshiro says a new direction has been taken on the upcoming DmC because the company didn’t want the franchise to “fizzle out”.

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Whitefeather1892d ago

And now it's going out in a fire...a horrible sad fire.

crxss1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

dmc4 just didn't sell as well as the rest in the series/what they expected. plus, story-wise and gameplay-wise the game wasn't even good, especially when you compare it to other gems in the series such as dmc3 and dmc1.

so you can only really blame Capcom for putting out a mediocre game in a fantastic series and those who bought it and didn't buy it for not buying enough.

Whitefeather1892d ago

I didn't say it wasn't Capcom's fault. DMC4 was great not the best but good. Ninja Theory still had a chance from the first showing of DmC fans hated it, they could have changed it like Sucker Punch instead they kept going. I myself won't be buying it since it looks okay but I don't wish to support what has happened to the series.

FEARprototype1892d ago

i loved every devil may cry game even 2.
how dare you say devil may cry story and game play is weak!? well its an opinion and i will respect that but don't try to force your opinion as facts.
I've always like other dimension and what of stories and am pretty excited about DMC.

if you guys hate capcom so much why are you waiting for other installment if you know capcom will f it up? why not let the game rest?{ personal i don't want that}
even if their no capcom or devil may cry we still have platinum games and game like bayonetta so it's not like all hope is lost.

thaking1551891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

There was nothing wrong with the original. Give it a story that can progress past Devil May Cry 2 and we are set! Oh and go back to 60 Frames per Sec and regular Dante. Or ignore DMC 2 and make a sequel to the first game or DMC 4 with Nero and bring back Virgil

Alot of people are hoping for this to fail, so we can get an appropriate sequel! Yes I am on this train too

Omnislash1892d ago

They shouldve gone the Metal Gear Solid path. Make one last installment of the game that will wrap everything up and give the player a great sense of closure to the series. But nope! Instead yoou completely ruined the character and created a sad series that hopefully nobody buys.

Deadpool6161892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

To save you time...

“As far as the timing is concerned, a big part of the motivation is not waiting for the series to fizzle out, but to do it while the series is still doing really well,” Eshiro told Siliconera at a recent preview event.

“We’ve done Devil May Cry 1-4 and they keep getting better with each iteration, but rather than waiting for things to go badly and then trying to give it a rebirth we thought it would be an interesting challenge to try to do something new with it while it’s still quite viable.”

“As a company, we want to challenge ourselves rather than wait until the series is not viable,” he added later. “Let’s do it now and see what happens while it’s still quite big.”

This is illogical. Why start a new series, when the original series still has questions that need to be answered? At least have the decency to close the original series.

hardandsloppy1892d ago

This happened to Prince of Persia as well. The 2008 one was awesome, then they go make a movie tie-in, and it looks like they're gonna reboot it again. Developers are pretty dumb sometimes.

MySwordIsHeavenly1892d ago

That's true. I LOVED the 2008 Prince of Persia. Honestly though, I feel like that ending was good enough for me. (Not the DLC ending)

It is a journey in which both main characters are changed by the end. It was wonderful. Definitely could have been a good movie, as well. Too bad we got...that garbage.

rezzah1892d ago

Still have my LE copy and will never buy the DLC epilogue because it ends on a cliff-hanger..........

met3211892d ago

they are shooting them selfs in the foot with this one good job Capcom i guess they don't care that they just lost most DmC and fan base.

Lord_Sloth1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

If you still can't see this as an issue and are still trying to defend this even a year after it's unveil and just months before it's release, I'd say it's a good sign that you've screwed yourselves over.

Next time, try not to give your fans the finger when they voice their displeasure. Remember that fans are what keeps you afloat.

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