Minecraft the Xbox 360 version: Give it a chance

TGC writes: The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft was met with angry reviews from PC users who felt the 360 version was lacking many of the qualities that makes the PC version so great, for example; skins, mods, texture packs, pistons ect… People felt like they were getting a lesser version of the game. As a massive fan of Minecraft, I bought it knowing that Mojang (the developers of Minecraft) would update it bit by bit as they have done for the PC version.

And to be honest, it isn't even that bad!

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hazelamy2286d ago

my only problem with the xbox version is, my bloody xbox died on me so i can't play it.

but when i could i enjoyed it, never regretted the purchase for a minute.

sure, it didn't have all the features of the current pc version, but i know that most if not all of them will be patched in.
oddly, the one thing i really couldn't get used to with the xbox version was food not stacking. ^_^

Fyflin2286d ago

I've spent more hours on Minecraft XBLA than any other game this year by a long shot. It's brilliant fun crafting with a few mates over Xbox live and watching the hours fly past, even my girlfriend has got into it lately! Xbox live + split screen is perfect for this type of game.

Yeah it doesn't have all the features of the pc version, but the core game is there and it really shines on the 360. Plus console games don't necessarily get constant support the way pc games do, so knowing that more features will get added over time is just a massive bonus really.

SilentNegotiator2286d ago

Yeah, give the 360 version a chance, people!

I mean, sure, Minecraft can practically run on a cereal box, so getting the PC version should work out fine for most people. But the 360 version will be caught up with the current PC build by 2014, so...why NOT get the 360 version, right?

Perjoss2286d ago

you sound angry, did you just lose badly in a multi player game?

SilentNegotiator2285d ago

It's always funny how upset fanboys find "anger" in absolutely any comment.

hazelamy2286d ago

Minecraft: Cornflake edition. ^_^

ChunkyLover532286d ago

Millions of people have given it a chance, its the second most played title over Xbox Live, even beating out some COD games.

I think its really fun.

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