Darksiders 2 inspired by Zelda

Ben Cureton, combat designer for Darksides 2, was asked about which games inspired him and his team on this game. He surprisingly said that The Legend of Zelda series was an inspiration for the puzzles and gameplay in Darksiders II. Check out his statement:

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Rockefellow2259d ago

Did a 12 year-old write this? I've seen more depth and better writing on the back of cereal boxes, not to mention a horrid article that glorifies a paragraph and a half of well-known information into an entire article. You might want to find someone to proof-read your articles, because even the preview on N4G has the name of the game spelled incorrectly.

tictac2612259d ago

First its not an article it was a statement that was given by Ben Cureton. Did you even read the who thing the paragraph basically is an intro to the statement. One mistype hardly count big companies ie IGN has tons of mistypes. So sir you need to really think before you type.