Destructoid gamescom Preview: Tearing into Tearaway with Media Molecule


I had the pleasure of speaking with Media Molecule's Technical Director, Alex Evans, and Creative Director, Rex Crowle, about their newly revealed Vita title, Tearaway. Some are already calling the title the PlayStation Vita's savior, but I don't think that Media Molecule is thinking that hard about it. These guys just had a great idea for a game and went nuts with it.

In Tearaway you play as a envelope-headed messenger named Iota, out on an a adventure to deliver a very special message.

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partycrasher1012284d ago

Media Molecule has done it again. Deilvering us family friendly games that (without violence) deliver near perfect gaming experiences. I love this developer and I will stand by every game they come up with. Incredible is an understatement when describing these guys.