Media Molecule Working on Second Project

Eurogamer: Media Molecule is working on a second project aside from Tearaway, the papercraft inspired Vita game that was announced at Sony's Gamescom press conference. Tearaway has been in development for around a year, with a team of 15 within Media Molecule working on the game and with Rex Crowle and co-founder David Smith leading the project.

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user54670072282d ago

PS3/PS4 game....since Tearaway is a PSV game

ElitaStorm2282d ago

they should do a ps3 v of Tearaway - that game looks fun to play

Nitrowolf22282d ago

I may be being greedy since I own a Vita, but Sony needs exclusives like Tearaway on it.As much as I would love it on the PS3 and all.

DoomeDx2282d ago

I dont think Tearaway would work on PS3.

After seeing the trailer for Tearaway, its a game which is mainly being played with touchpads, touchscreen, camera, mic, etc etc.

This wouldnt work well on a PS3

-Alpha2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

No! Why devalue the VITA like that?

A strong, native-built IP is what will sell VITAs, PS3 wouldn't benefit and would just make PS3 owners lose the incentive to get a VITA.

I want another new Mm IP for PS3/PS4, though I'd LOVE LBP 3D, Mario 64/Sonic Adventure style. Give us an open world 3D platformer like Okami/Mario/Sonic/Zelda. Playing LBP kart just makes me want to ditch the kart and go on an adventure in the 3D craftworld. Would be awesome to see a game like that for Sackboy, complete with a 3D creation toolbox to create our own 3D adventures

ElitaStorm2282d ago

i dont devalue vita

its because i dont have a vita that is all

i would love to buy a vita if i had cash

-Alpha2282d ago

Sorry, I didn't mean it like that, I wasn't trying to accuse you of anything-- what I meant was that if Sony continues to bring VITA games to PS3, they'd compromise the worth of the VITA's library. You dont have a VITA? Neither do I, but having Tearaway on PS3 would kill the temptation of wanting to pick up a VITA.. PS3 doesn't need Tearaway as much as VITA does.

poopsack2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I would love to stick my fingers through the back of my 40 inch LCD, if that would work in this universe.

joeorc2282d ago

"I dont think Tearaway would work on PS3."

as it stands right now, yes it would not work as it is, but with the firmware coming on the PSVita to be able to use the PSVita as a PS3 control option to play Games, than i would see no reason why they could not do a ver for the PS3. the only thing would you would need a PSVita as a requirement to play, but if they offered it as a PSN game download than that would make it more of a viable option than a packaged disc format game.

ziggurcat2282d ago

i clicked disagree because i think that it would probably work best as a PSV-only title.

it'd be really nice to see another non-LBP Mm title for the PS3, though... and since the next playstation won't be on the market until at least 2014 (despite the hopes of people believing it's going to be much earlier), there's plenty of time for them to get one out given that they've probably been working on the game for some time already...

DigitalAnalog2282d ago

Trying to bring Tear Away to the PS3 is like trying to bring Dance Central for the 360 pad. The experience is simply not there and not the design intention.

This is what I would like to call a true NATIVE Vita game that properly utilizes the features of the device. And the purpose of this game is to give value to the device so it will continue to sell and bring more diverse experiences.

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Freak of Nature2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

PS4 LBP, could be called "littlebig Universe". I'd expect a studio like Tarsier make it under MM's supervision. Perhaps even United front games or SCE London could make LBP 3 and take over the series, allowing for the core of MM to work on this new IP and other new IP's...

Tearaway will be something special, you can see this already, and from what they say and knowing them, I believe lots more content and scope are in store for Tearaway.

This new IP has been in R&D phase for over a year now, plus the core have been digging deep into this new IP concepts for bout 18 months now. Probably cannot show anything yet due to it being on PS4.

An open World Mario/Zelda inspired act/adv game with Role playing options, with create and share also given as an option, the community have done a great job of extra content with LBP, I think they should continue on this trend, it's a winning formula for everyone...Perhaps the rumored MMO? We shall see...

We just got a nice look at Tearawy and I find myself still really anxious to see this new IP. I love MM and can't wait to see what stylish and creative game they are into now beyond Tearaway and the LBP universe...

poopsack2282d ago


that idea would be great, but would then go again the entire reason he wants it on PS3, he doesnt own a Vita. This game was made for Vita, it looks brilliant, and I think the Vita is what it should be played on.

remanutd552282d ago

of course they are, same thing applies to guerrilla Games as well. hellooooo

ame222282d ago

Hopefully just as original and innovative as Tearaway.

CaptainSheep2282d ago

It's Media Molecule, it'll DEFINITELY be just as original and innovative. :)

ame222282d ago

A MM game a day chases "game penis" away.

2282d ago
Smokeeye1232282d ago

LittleBigPlanet 3D

A man can dream...Think of all the super mario 64 replica levels!

NukaCola2282d ago

They are moving into 3D with Karting...I really hope LBP3D launches on PS4 with fully open world gameplay like that. I can see it now...looks good in my imagination too. Man I bet it's coming.

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