Youtube PS3 App: Good, But Not Good Enough

Yesterday, a free Youtube app appeared in the PS3 store. From a longtime PS3 user, the app was a necessity, the internet browser for the PS3 is abysmal and accessing Youtube was a hassle (maybe we can get HBO Go next?).

The new Youtube app for the PS3 is sleek, shiny, and clean. But there are some downfalls. According to, the Youtube app will also be playing ads with videos. "But the most crucial difference is that the app will give PS3 users full access to YouTube's catalog - and will also play ads. It replaces a cruder, browser-based version of a YouTube app that didn't feature the full catalog - or ads."

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DigitalHorror812314d ago

Thank God for Google Chrome's ADBLOCK at least. I won't be bothering with this PS3 app.

Lovable2314d ago

Hey I have that...

It works exceptionally well! <--I have not been paid to say that.

PLAYWATCH2314d ago

it works very well, and I have not seen any ads yet.

sikbeta2314d ago

It works better than the usual option -> youtubeXL which is crap and @ 240p -_- but it's not perfect, needs some fixes and abviously 1080p aka real HD for my HD capable console and [email protected] TV... just saying...

NickTheHitman2314d ago

It works well. I havent experienced any ads. But it does freeze often. Hopefully that will be patched in an update.

MysticStrummer2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

I'm not getting ads or freezing. I just don't like that my keyboard doesn't work with it. Once again the whiners are doing their thing. Funny stuff.

EDIT - Not calling you a whiner by the way

DoomeDx2314d ago

Only thing i hate about is, is typing with the annoying horizontal bar.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2314d ago

I noticed something about the "annoying horizontal bar," when you enter a letter, a menu drops down with options for the next letter. More often than not, the letter you want is in that menu.
I agree with you, though. A keyboard is always best for that sort of thing.

TKCMuzzer2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Yet again a bright spark complains about a free app and then continues to paint Microsoft's crap gold without mentioning that "It costs £40 a year to access the youtube app on your 360".
When will journalists man up and stop giving Sony grief for free apps and start giving Microsoft grief for charging for free services.
Sony continue to offer variety and CHOICE, Microsoft continue to laugh at all the people paying for things that are free elsewhere.

I'm sorry, the article is fan based and fails to level the discussion, mainly by not pointing out that it's free to everyone with a PS3.

hennessey862314d ago

How do we pay for YouTube, it's just another app that you get access to through Xbox live and it works well which is more than I can say for the ps3 version. Next you will be telling me that I get free games with my psplus subscription which I don't.

NickTheHitman2314d ago

Hey genius. You pay for Xbox Live right? And if you dont pay for Xbox Live u dont get Youtube right?

And im not arguing with you about Playstation Plus. Games are free for as long as your a PS+ member. And ive been loving it.

FunAndGun2314d ago

If you don't get it free with the Silver account, you are paying for it!

Godmars2902314d ago

Youtube apps and the like for XBL are just padding. XBL's main purpose is and always been about cross game chat, but even there they tacked on online access to justify it.

By contrast PS+ is a frequent user program which gives direct benefits to people who play games. Like free games and cloud storage.

To be honest though, I'm starting to become wary of PS+ now that its becoming more of a game leasing service. Giving you full "free" games so long as you pay.

TKCMuzzer2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Poor argument. I don't pay for a Xbox live and can not access the youtube app. So yes you have to pay to access youtube. No offence but it's people like yourself who Microsoft are gambling on.
They are no adding stuff for free, you are still just paying to play online, most of the other stuff is FREE to access elsewhere. You are only gaining as part of your subscription if you are accessing services which are not available anywhere else.

Here try this link . It's free for anyone with a computer but don't tell Microsoft.

MysticStrummer2314d ago

Let me get this straight... you're saying both that Youtube is free with your XBL subscription AND that free PS+ games aren't free. That is truly amazing. Congrats. lol At first glance the two look much the same, but with XBL you are ( once again ) paying for something other platforms get for free and with PS+ you're getting actual extra content for your membership fee. MS can do no wrong apparently. No wonder they increased their market share, with such successful brainwashing.

glennco2314d ago

hey genius, was your PS3 free? probably was actually with a TV

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Siren302314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Why do butthurt fanboys always bring up microsoft when they feel the ps3 is underattack. Sony doesn't need defending 24 hours a day

TKCMuzzer2314d ago

A fanboy is someone who responds to comments and not the article. It was brought up as the original article clearly praises youtube on the 360 without mentioning a very important point. It costs you money.

AngelicIceDiamond2314d ago

Since you guys always say "Oh Live is a rip off" "its not worth it" "apps free everywhere else etc." Explain why Live subscriptions are up 15% percent with over 40million users and counting. Why do people keep paying for it?

Your arguments probably. "There all sheep and love getting ripped off."

Yeah that's a 2nd grade comeback. If Live was a rip off, then why do people keep renewing and signing up for the service? I'm Sure people would have realize if they were getting ripped off or not by now.

Oh and because Live is actually a good gaming service that presents quality? And more importantly there's such a thing as preference. Something people find so, so hard to understand. Some like PSN others like Live whats the big deal?

As far as Youtube is concerned, people on Live obviously have a choice if they wanted to use YouTube on Live or not.

You make it sound like people go out and buy gold for YouTube and others apps. Lol no, there doing it for the online service that's built around the premise of gaming with others. A tailored GAMING and social experience.

That's what its about, that's what its always been about, quality. Is Live perfect NOOOOO far from it does it present quality that millions are enjoying yes. PSN is great, Live its great.

TKCMuzzer2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

I was not trying to start an argument. Why do people keep renewing?
Lets see, you have a 360, a large category of games, loads of friends, purchased items on live. Now why would you renew?....give me a sec...oh yeah because you would have no access to online gaming otherwise.
People who only have 360 and want to continue to enjoy online game play have very little choice but to renew.

This was not an argument about live but it's interesting to see how many have come out to justify their subscription.

May I also add, you say people have a choice to use youtube or not. That's not true, if I want to use youtube on my 360 I have to pay, that's not a choice. Only people who pay have a choice.

GribbleGrunger2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Sorry, but quoting how subscriptions have gone up in no way discredits the validity of the argument. LIVE went up in price to accommodate all the extra content such as Youtube. I can't even believe this is still a topic worth discussing. It's obvious and not worthy of scrutiny. It's the same as the argument that you are 'renting' games on PS+... well, er, YES, but I get to rent them for years and get to play over 40 games a year for that price. Try renting 40 games a year from Blockbusters and see how much it comes to (don't forget to figure in the yearly cost for each game) But I'll let you work it out for a week just to demonstrate the enormity of the nit picking that goes on when talking about PS+

FunAndGun2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

because you are forced to buy it to play the multiplayer portion of the games you purchase.

If online multiplayer gaming was free on Live, those 40 million memberships would fall REAL fast.

Principle is the only reason I won't pay for Live.I got a 360 for a birthday present, but I don't use it. It is not the cost, its just that online multiplayer is free on EVERY other platform and it is just something I will never pay for.

Thats cools if you want to pay, your choice. I just think you guys are suckers.

Not to mention you would have paid over $300 on Live if you have been gaming on 360 this gen. I would rather use that money to buy the next gen console instead of being extorted in the current gen.

tokugawa2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

leave it out... and what a surprise that gribble grunger is leading the charge.

"forced to pay" blah blah. i have both a ps3 and a 360, and happily pay for live. the psn is functional, but that is all i can say about it.

for apps, i just use my computer. whow really gives a shit about youtube on either of the consoles?? just fanboys who want to argue on here, and kids that are not allowed on the computer at home without mommy or daddies supervision... i think that about covers 95% of n4gs community

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