Half-Life 3 is Real: New Proof?


"At this point in space and time, if anyone from Valve uttered the phrase “Half-Life 3″ the entire internet as we know it would implode upon itself and break the space time continuum, truly allowing 2012 to live up to the Mayan’s expectations.

Valve are known for trolling their fans on a consistent basis, but only because they love us so dearly.

They could be up to it yet again, or this could be concrete evidence that Half-Life 3 does in fact exist."


A website other than the original link of the article now adds to the whole HL3 mystery, and the article reflects this new site.

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Proeliator2226d ago

Hmm... might be an elaborate troll.

davidmccue2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

The link ( points to its NOT Steam, check the URL.

You have been trolled by Chase McManning:

This guy capitalized on the opportunity to exploit the typo. He registered the domain today, and had it redirect to the fake Steam profile page. He says that he's a software developer, so he's trying to spread his name through rumors and trolling.

This is not connected to Valve whatsoever.

MYSTERIO3602226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Ah your right didnt recognise that lol

Mounce2226d ago Show
da_2pacalypse2226d ago

Guys, whether or not this is real... I think it's safe to assume that Half life 3 is "real"... I mean, Valve would be stupid to not at least be working on it....

STONEY42226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Fake confirmed. From the bottom of the page.

"This is a clever disclaimer claiming that this is a parody, and makes no real attempt at spoofing the Steam Community. Spare me, Valve. I am but a humble gamer. I wish not to suffer the horrors of Origin."

Still don't know how he managed to register the domain before the blog post with the typo even went live though. He obviously had time to prepare it. And 6 and O are far enough apart that it's really hard to accidentally cause a typo. Intentional Valve troll?

badz1492226d ago

This is getting annoying! How many years has it been already? Even the trolling is getting boring

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xAlmostPro2226d ago

Journalists are getting worse. One sniff of something and they waste an article on it.

How long until the 'update' in the article where you have to put your tail between your legs and say it was false? lol..

user54670072226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

We've had more HL3 info along with Source 2 info this year then we've had since we started waiting for the next next HL.


Well I just checked the HL2 Episode 2 forum...apparently it's fake and the Valve employee made a mistake with the link, a typo to be more precise...BUT the domain was registered before the TF2 blog posting was made, how could the guy who made the "fake profile" know what valve was going to link to get a similar domain, how could the Valve employee make a mistake such as linking it to a fake profile AND why havent they fixed it yet.

The plot thickens.

Hooshuwashu2226d ago

It's getting close... maybe... possibly...

Hooshuwashu2226d ago

(In regards to edit) This is classic valve...

Proeliator2226d ago

... what?!

The plot doesn't just thicken, it congeals.

Hooshuwashu2226d ago

I think the fact that it was posted on an official blog FOR Valve may point to it being yet another valve troll attempt, but it is on the L4D blog... how many people actually look at it anymore?

Maybe the L4D guys wanted to hint?

bub162226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Its going to suck. It will be just like Duke Nukem and GT5 all this hype. Just to be let down with countless articles saying "was it worth waiting the 6 odd years"

3GenGames2226d ago

Hahahahahahaha, you're a funny troll...or maybe you are just that dumb?

Rubberlegs2226d ago

We waited 6yrs for Half-Life 2 and that turned out pretty damn good.

solar2226d ago

name me a Valve game that has been released to less then critical acclaim from journalists, critics, players, and gamers. it is hard to find one.

Bloodraid2226d ago

It's hard to find one? Implying that there is one. ;)

MYSTERIO3602226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Wow if this is true almost 100 hours of gameplay sweet.

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