Why I'm Not Taking My Vita On Holiday

TSA: "Why on earth does Content Manager need to talk to the internet? Surely not to check for a software update, all the other Vita apps work without being online. Frankly it’s rather worrying, are Sony gathering data on what I transfer to my Vita?"

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josephps32315d ago

This really puts the final nail in the coffin. I'm never buying a Vita now. Instead of more hype and excitement as time goes by after the launch its the other way around.

After the launch, we should be reading about how awesome the Vita is and how people are discovering pleasant surprises about their Vita. Continue to excite us with a constant flow of amazing titles but instead is a dry desert of new AAA releases and now this?

Vita--> FAIL!

Baka-akaB2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Rofl , and yet whenever you ask those complaining if they even tried some of the new releases like Gravity daze , Resistance , they just stutter or blurt out silly excuses . Or it's just usually the stuff non vita owners like to spit out (a fresh reminder of the ps3's launch i guess)

There is a problem , it being fixed or not remain to be seen , but there were LOADS of games at release that hardly most vita owners can claims they tried or bought , loads of ps games available , and some releases since with at least ONE major one that met nothing but praises , but somehow underperforms .

You guys can pretend otherwise , but even looking genre by genre there is a big choice of stuff , hell it even got the best choice ever seen on handheld for fighting games , something usually deemed impossible in the past . And racing games arent just crappy nfs ports as usually seen .

Bigkurz852315d ago

Umm resistance is effing terrible.

Baka-akaB2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

I dont like it , but it's not terrible imo . And it's still a new release .

Quite frankly the genre that's lacking the most on vita won't ever set the west on fire chart wise : jrpgs . And it's only for while with major upcoming releases like Persona 4

At least for that genre you can also still rely on psp games .

Diver2315d ago

so many non vita owners in desperation overdrive after the sony presser. 1st comment is ample proof.

an ever since sony cut sixthaxis off they have been in revenge mode. too bad cause the vita is relevant an there site isnt.

josephps32315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

He said she said. I say Vita has 2 and at most 3 AAA games and the rest are just fillers-iOS/Andriod like mini games or old PS3 ported games I've already played and no longer have interest in playing again like Hot Shot Golf, Ninja Gaiden. But hey if you think the current list of titles is so hot and its worth $250-$300 with memory card before taxes well everyone is entitled to their opinion. No matter how stupid and wrong.

There will always be special brand of stupids in the world. These muppets also refuse to see reality for what it is and instead see the world for what they wish it was.

Well listen up you Vita fanatic fools. Its not just me saying Vita sucks (for the moment because it may get better in the future). Its the rest of the consumers in this entire world. The global sales are falling faster than a blue frozen ball of lavatory waste ejected from a Boeing 747.

What? The Vita sales are not that bad if you consider that this year Mars and Venus was not aligned with Earth? What? If you take the Vita sales and combine it with PSP sales and take the square root and multiply by Pie and then puke all over it and look at it upside down after its dried its not that bad?


Redempteur2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

" I say Vita has 2 and at most 3 AAA games and the rest are just fillers-iOS/Andriod like mini games or old PS3 ported games I've already played and no longer have interest in playing again like Hot Shot Golf, Ninja Gaiden"


Uncharted golden abyss ( not a port )
wipeout 2048 ( not a port )
gravity rush ( not a port )
Unit 13 ( not a port )
Do you want me to continue when the third party support is huge and every aspect , every genre of games is on the vita already ?
Damn that's 4 games already ...your first argument is already invalid.. and the rest of your rant is laughable...
Allow me to laugh

/sent from the vita web broswer

Baka-akaB2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

"He said she said"

Precisely . hence why i dont buy your BS for a second . It's the same recycled garbage we got whenever someone got a beef with a console , be it ps3 ... 360 .. wiii ... wii u etc ..

It's one thing to dislike a library and not find something one doesnt love , shit happens .

It's another thing entirely to pretend games dont exist and trying to pass as someone stupider than you truly are (even if fairly moronic either way) .

Anyway as i said , even classified by genres , o there are easily 3 good or great games for each . Most ports/multiplatforms , others exclusives .
Enough with the selective memory .

" The Vita sales are not that bad if you consider that this year Mars and Venus was not aligned with Earth?"

Of course sales are bad ... and i did say there is a problem , but keep being shifty and pretending to be some Alzheimer patient and I some cultist and zealot .

I wont follow further and sink into your brand of crazy .

"Its not just me saying Vita sucks . Its the rest of the consumers in this entire world."

Cool a citizen of the world . Good for you .

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Redempteur2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Nice trolling dude
@the article writter

i'm looking forward for your "why i'm not taking my 3ds on holiday " for the very same reasons you've wrote.

I know it won't happen since your article is stupid beyond even what i expected before cliking. I hope you'll enjoy gaming on the go with your ipod

THC CELL2315d ago

I've been in hospital for 4 weeks the vita has 'really help me take that time.away

ddurand12315d ago

cheers to a speedy recovery. hope its nothign serious.

FriedGoat2315d ago

Who in gods name disagreed with this? Get well soon.

ddurand12315d ago

it was probably Satan seeing it was only one person.

Baka-akaB2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

As if it was even a discovery , this was known from the start , and well you frickin' buy it for games , the rest is a bonus , even if now standard features .

it's precisely like b*tching about the wii's media options when it's a console foremost .

Stop pretending you'd turn your vita into your main jukebox , between your phone , ipod/pad/phones and other stuff . It doesnt even got such an amazing sound .

Kran2315d ago

Cause the point of a holiday is to get away from video games consoles and explore the open world? :S

pandaboy2315d ago

no man would be seen in public with such a device that is why

one2thr2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Funny seeing that while I was playing on mine (movie theater lobby), people of the same age group (19+ ) were looking over my shoulder at it, and were interested in purchasing one before this semester started. They were amazed by the visuals and gameplay of Gravity Rush, but mostly by its fluidity and colors on a 5"oled screen... And both male(s) and female(s) were/are now considering on getting one if you needed to know good sir...

MasterCornholio2315d ago

Strange im an adult and I game on my Vita all the time while using public transportation.


Sanquine902315d ago

Funny! When i play that device as you call it in public. People are asking me how much it costs and if they could have try. All my friends have them;) (REAL FRIENDS if you know what that means).

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