Is 'Soul Sacrifice' The Video Game The PS Vita Needs To Survive?

Erik Kain:

There’s still no release date for Sony’s PS Vita RPG ‘Soul Sacrifice’ but the latest GamesCom trailer shows off a terrific looking title.

In Sony’s upcoming PS Vita third-person action-RPG Soul Sacrifice, players must sacrifice items, body parts, or even lives to unleash powerful attacks against massive monsters.

To be honest, it looks great and I wish it was coming out on the PS3. In fact, this is the first game I’ve seen launching on the PS Vita that makes me think I might need to get one of Sony’s latest handheld devices.

The struggling Vita is having a hard time making a splash in the gaming market largely due to a lack of compelling titles, but if this game is anywhere as great as it looks, that might change.

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cpayne932284d ago

Looks like an awesome game, but I don't think it will sell that great outside of Japan. Hopefully it will sell some Vitas over there, and Assasins Creed will probably sell more Vitas in Europe and NA. Cod will still probably sell some...but it might not deserve too.

da_2pacalypse2284d ago

False, I've already pre-ordered from Bestbuy.

Soul Sacrifice will be an awesome game, but the vita is doing fine. People seem to forget that holiday sales will really help the system out.

Also, I'm tired of the: "*insert game title here* is the game that will save the vita" articles.... It's all a bunch of BS

Abash2284d ago

This game has a whole Dragon's Dogma vibe looking like a WRPG/Action game hybrid. I cant wait for it

cpayne932284d ago

I didn't say nobody would buy it outside of Japan, I know I will, I just don't see it selling many Vitas elsewhere. I'm a contradiction to that tho, I live in the states and Soul Sacrifice is my main reason for buying a Vita.

But hey, I could be wrong.

Anon19742284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Wait, I thought Black Ops was going to save the Vita. Or was it Sly Cooper? Or was it PSN+? I can't keep track these days. a search on this site for "save" and "vita". There's over 10 articles on there about "Can such and such save the Vita," despite the fact that Sony has publicly stated they're happy with Vita's initial sales and that digital sales have far exceeded their expectations. Not to mention the Vita "Doomed" articles, or the "How Sony's ignoring Vita" articles.

Reminds me of all the PSP doom articles we used to see. Or the PS3 doom. Or Blu-Ray doom. Or 3D doom. Etc..etc...

Edit: Hilarious. While I was typing this another one cropped up on the front page. "Will the lack of a price cut doom the Vita." So, anyone out there actually reporting on game or industry news? Anyone?

TBM2284d ago

crazy, crazy stuff here one after another. i think there's about 6 on the first page alone lol.

DigitalAnalog2284d ago

That's because after gamescom, the media realized they have been wasting all their ammo on their strawman they tried to build so hard.

MasterCornholio2284d ago

I guess that Sony's great gamescon presentation has made a lot of haters extremely angry. But that's normal because they were expecting Sony to announce the death of the Vita.


Metal-X2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

The 3DS and junk like Kinect always get a free pass but the Vita is in constant need of saving?.
These journalists need to STFU.

CommonSenseGamer2284d ago

Tell me, were you one of those talking up the Vita prior to its release claiming it possibly couldn't fail?

There were few, if any, Vita doom and gloom articles at the time of its release. Those articles have only transpired because its NOT selling.

The last few days have seen some positives news come out for the Vita but that news has yet to translate into sales, for either Sony or the developers supporting the Vita.

If the Vita fails to ignite this xmas then I would be quite concerned.

Metal-X2284d ago

"Tell me, were you one of
those talking up the Vita prior
to its release claiming it
possibly couldn't fail?"
No, i wasn't.
I'm not one of those fanboy idiots who thinks his/her company of choice can do no wrong. I know for a fact that the Vita, as awesome as it is, will never outsell things like the 3DS or iDevices.
I think these journalists need to give the "doom" articles a rest, though. They're like a mother who gives birth to a child and says "No, i don't see a future here".
The Vita is like that child, it's still very young and has not been given the time it needs to mature. Remember, you have to be able to walk before you learn how to run.
Now, if you'll excuse me, i have to feed my Vita it's bottle.

cpayne932284d ago

The 3ds had plenty of its own doom and gloom articles, they went away when it started selling well. Kinect has sold well from the start, far as I know, so how could it be in danger of failing?

I'm a huge playstation fan, and I really want a Vita, but it really hasn't sold very well so far. If these sells continue, it could spell bad news for the system. I really do hope it starts selling well.

dragonyght2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Sony is trying to fill the void left by monster hunter, with this game. and i hope it succeed

Hicken2284d ago

Are people really that unenthusiastic about the Vita's current library? Does it lack that many games?

I look at the titles available, and I see some good stuff from nearly every genre. But I guess instead of a title or two from each, people want 35 first person shooters...

GribbleGrunger2284d ago

Haven't you noticed how people always want something that's NOT on the Vita... Tis a phenomena I'm tellin' ya!

smashcrashbash2284d ago

Yeah, as soon as you have this they want to know why you don't have that. Anyone ever thought that these games were coming all the time and it is just the fact that we were being impatient and didn't want to wait?

joeorc2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

"Sony has announced the publishers and developers that will be supporting PlayStation Mobile, the upcoming platform for PlayStation Vita and Android PlayStation Certified devices that offers a low cost of entry for developers and the power of the PlayStation brand. Launching this fall, the service will have “approximately 30 new titles from a variety of genres including Adventure, Action, Puzzle, and Sports, created by third party developers and publishers as well as SCE Worldwide Studios.”


I mean Key once again:

approximately 30 new titles!

THAT will make it a grand total OVER 90 GAMES by THIS FALL for the PSVita in under a freaking year !

but yet, some people act like the PSVita has no games..or support is going to just dry

and like clockwork:

"it takes hundreds. And the vita doesnt have that"

your right, it does not have them yet..key word is under a freaking year, the PSVita is going to have over 100 games!

in the next year Sony's going to have way more than that number!

and this:

and i Quote:

"Sure vita can survive in last place "

LMAO there is only Sony and Nintendo in Dedicated Game Handhelds...if you want to bring smartphones in the mix by talking Apple, go right

because in the grand scheme of thing's counting smartphones in the Mix, Sony nor Nintendo are even close or remotely even in contention to be first, for one they would have to beat out Samsung's 90 million Smarphones per sales Quarter to be in 1st place. LMAO

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