Ubisoft: Annual Releases "Keeps The Brand In People's Minds"

Some people aren't big fans of the "annualization" of video game franchises, arguing that rapid-fire releases can impact product quality.

Well, Assassin's Creed developer Ubisoft says that yes, in fact, it's all about quality, but there's still a definite upside to launching a new series iteration on an annual basis: It keeps the brand "in people's minds."

Ubisoft Montreal creative director Alex Hutchinson spoke at GDC Europe about the subject and as reported by Eurogamer, he says if the quality is there, why shouldn't they release a new entry every year?

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NukaCola2225d ago

Also burns people out. You need a break every now and then. Change it up and keep it fresh.

user54670072225d ago

Course it does....I think about it more then ever

"Ubisoft are going to ruin this franchise by next gen"

ame222225d ago

In other words, brace yourselves, another Asscreed Bro and Revelations are imminent.

Whitefeather2224d ago

There is such a thing as saturating the market.

pandehz2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Exactly, it then becomes a brand. Fail

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