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Mists of Pandaria cinematic trailer released

Blizzard has released a cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria. (PC, World of Warcraft)

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AztecFalcon  +   1080d ago
Very cool cinematic.
thezeldadoth  +   1080d ago
even wow haters should be able to admit that this was sweet
-MD-  +   1080d ago
It was ok, doesn't make me want to renew my subscription though.
coolbeans  +   1080d ago
Has a CGI trailer ever made you want to renew a subscription?

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Crystallish  +   1080d ago
even though the representation of how a male human looks like in wow is still the worst lie ever told in gaming, this CGI really does look sweet
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DudeJets  +   1080d ago
That was pretty sweet
nikrel  +   1080d ago
I do love Bliz CGI.
partycrasher101  +   1080d ago
LMFAO, human and orc look absolutely shocked that they got whooped by a panda meenwhile the human slowly hands the orc a spear. They put some humor into this one.
wanieldiik  +   1080d ago
Sweet! I loved the two first kung fu panda movies, hopefully this one will be just as good.
wollie  +   1080d ago
pandehz  +   1080d ago
Heres an HD version

wollie  +   1080d ago
It really is kung fu panda. Good lord that was lame. After watching this go watch WotlK or BC trailers. Its not even close.
Snookies12  +   1080d ago
We've had enough of the epic crusades, the world can't ALWAYS be in danger from some grand threat. Azeroth was already saved from Illidan, Arthas, and Deathwing. Putting yet another epic foe would be highly questionable. It's a welcome change of direction for now, that is until the next expansion... Lol

Also, to those saying it's a Kung Fu Panda ripoff, I'm pretty sure these panda dudes came before that in Warcraft 3 or something...
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wollie  +   1078d ago
what ever it takes to help you sleep at night.
Snookies12  +   1078d ago
@Wollie - Okay? That's not much of a response... Just offering a reasonable guess as to why they went this way since you seemed to have a problem with it.
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