Electronic Arts Up For Sale?

"It has been reported by the New York Post that Electronic Arts is exploring a sale as the company struggles to grow its business amid competition from free online gaming sites, citing sources."

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timur2222315d ago

Providence Equity Partners should buy them.

guitarded772315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

"The company is looking to transform its business model to better compete against rivals such as Zynga."

This kinda stuff scares me.

I don't want browser based shovelware, I want my Mass Effect, Battlefield and Dead Space. I don't care if EA publishes that crap for those people, just don't sell out to an investment group which only cares about the bottom line. They will hack the company into pieces and cut corners everywhere they can.

timur2222315d ago

You obviously don,t know anything about Providence Equity Partners.They are one of the better private equity firms,for several reasons.They don't really mess with the companies they own.Example they own a partial stake in Bethesda parent company ZeniMax.And invested in ZeniMax 450 million total.And they haven,t really mest with them.
Other examples you can find througth their wikipedia!

joab7772314d ago

I know that this is coming and I know that there will be a few giants and all others want be able to compete, but when a giant is saying this, I get scared. Now, if they were looking to add a division that rakes in some money to fund the rest, I am down, but selling the whole company. How important is it to get our fiscal house in order now?

Another sign that even retail games r gonna b going free to play. Instead of demos or trials everything will b free, except u will pay $100 + if u want to enjoy the entire thing. It's gonna happen.

BlackIceJoe2315d ago

I could see Disney wanting to buy them because they own ESPN and then they would have the rights to EAs sports IPs.

Knight_Crawler2315d ago

They dont own the rights...they just have the license for a couple of years and every so often they have to renew it.

So in the end its not worth buying them for that reason.

LightofDarkness2315d ago

Yay, even more money men will get involved, leading to even more dilution (as if EA weren't kings of that already). If only DICE and Bioware would go elsewhere...

da_2pacalypse2315d ago

I say we start a kickstarter to buy EA and then burn every single business tactic they've ever used and just start everything from scratch. WHO'S WITH ME!?!?!?!? WE WILL RESTORE THE GREAT BIOWARE OF THE PAST!!!

ABizzel12315d ago

You sir are a wise man. Better yet we could buy EA, and create our own games.

Let's spilt the devs. 50 / 50.

Knight_Crawler2315d ago

Yeah becuase I am sure a million owners of one company would all agree to one thing when it comes to gaming.

He lets add Neymar to the cover of the new Fifa.

Owner 1 - hell no.
Owner 2 - I say add him.
Owner 3 - [email protected]
Owner 4 - Lets add Pele
Owner 5 - Chad Ocho Cinco will be better.

da_2pacalypse2315d ago

When did I say we share the company with all the contributors? I said we buy EA using a kickstarter, I meant we get the funding out of the people then we pay back the supporters with good customer service and good games without greedy business tactics.

Wouldn't that just be the best thing in the world? :P

spunnups2315d ago

Dont forget about Criterion!

-Omega2315d ago

It's funny, EA for a brief time tried to redeem themselfs for their bad image and then this year they just hit rock bottom again by runing franchises (ME, Dead Space, Battlefield, MOH). Maybe this is why they resorted back to their old greedy ways or maybe this is why they are in this posistion. Who knows :|

glennco2314d ago

there was a point not long ago where all my current favourite games were EA games.

MoH was ruined years ago though. This is why CoD took off, because MoH was just getting worse and worse.

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