Watch the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer reveal from Gamescom

The reveal of Black Ops 2 Multiplayer includes a look at several multiplayer matches and interviews with Studio Head Mark Lamia, Game Design Director David Vonderhaar, and Treyarch eSports Consultant Mike "Hastro" Rufail.

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BiggCMan2282d ago

Wanna see these guys go against some PC players haha, would get torn apart.

All in all, i'm rather unimpressed with the game. I'll give it a rent from Gamefly to check out the new stuff for a few weeks and send it back, nothing is making me want to buy it. What sold me on Black Ops was the Cold War era, Vietnam setting, and the Wager matches. This one seems so much more uninteresting to me.

supraking9512282d ago

pretty sure they wouldn't seeing CoD is crap on pc.

BiggCMan2282d ago

It is, I agree, but it is still the same game, and the people that do play it are very good at it. Keyboard and mouse just has so many advantages for shooters.

supraking9512281d ago

meh PC needs to just stick with Counterstrike and Team Fortress 2. All other shooters are more popular and better on consoles.

BiggCMan2281d ago

Umm, no, definitely not. Well maybe popular, but better is subjective, and practically wrong. Battlefield is much better on PC, pretty much any game is automatically because they will run better, which in turn, causes for a better, MUCH smoother play experience. And they look better which is a nice bonus for some people. The current consoles are showing their age badly, we need upgrades soon, PC specs are not only destroying the consoles as of now, but PC gaming in general is becoming so much more popular as of late.

CanadianTurtle2282d ago

Why do all the maps have the exact same colour pallet.

seanpitt232282d ago

moh outclasses this in everyway

CerebralAssassin2281d ago

Out classes? If it wasn't for CoD there wouldn't be a MoH. MoH looks just like CoD. Your not blind are you?

BiggCMan2281d ago

You are young, are you? Otherwise you would know that Medal of Honor was around in the 90's whereas Call of Duty is from 2003. Medal of Honor 2010 is a reboot of the series, it's not a brand new title genius. Medal of Honor was immensely popular probably before you were born since you don't know about it. Get your facts right.

CerebralAssassin2280d ago

Seeing as how i was born in the 80's My facts are fine. I played frontline on my ps2 many times. Don't make assumptions about what I say. Where does it say that I don't know about MoH. First off why would I bring up the old call of duty games? I'm talking about medal of honor and medal of honor warfighter is obvious EA's attempt to hit CoD. Which is why they look like CoD. More specificly MW. Not the other way around. So don't sit there and try to act like you know what you talking about because you wikipedia'd CoD original release day. So like my original post states, MoD doesn't outclass shit.

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