3DS: 7 millions / 77 weeks and still beaten by the original DS

Back in may 2012, the 3DS crossed the 6 million mark in Japan some 13 weeks more than the original DS. Now that the new 3DS XL has been selling like crazy for three steady weeks, the system has passed the 7 million mark, which gives us the perfect excuse for a new sales comparison between the actual systems…

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kingofe32283d ago

The DS had two Christmases, so it's understandable why it's not there yet.

ABizzel12282d ago

OMG it's doomed, doomed I say. And it's offspring are doomed as well. Has fail written all over it. LOL only 7 million, and did outsell the previous DS. Nintendo might file for bankruptcy now, since no one's buying the 3DS. Called it here first / s

gaffyh2282d ago

When Pachter was talking about it a while ago, his reasoning behind saying similar things like that is that he completely expects that the 3DS will not sell anywhere near as much as the DS in lifetime sales, even though initial sales are overtaking DS sales in the same period. If you think about it, he could be right, because it was mostly bought for a casual audience.

The only unknown factor is the holidays really, and I'd guess the 3DS will do extremely well during this period.

Although none of this means that it won't sell well, it just means that no analyst thinks it well sell as well as the DS has, which is starting plateau.

Trunkz Jr2282d ago

More competition for 3DS then there was back then for the old DS.

Gorkab2283d ago

Absolutely, then do you think it will outsell the DS by the end of the year ?

Erimgard2282d ago

Nintendo makes close to half their profits/sales from Black Friday to New Year's Day, so yeah, it's an unfair comparison at this point. The 3DS is likely to sell at the very least 5 million more units by the end of the year.

ChunkyLover532282d ago

Nintendo always has the top handheld, people just seem to trust them and third parties support their devices fully. I think brand trust is huge when it comes to a handheld, and people obviously trust Nintendo's handhelds.

xursz2282d ago

Portable console sales are healthy, that's all that matters here.

triplev162282d ago

Why'd they have to make that screen so big? Now I have to trade-up...

YoungPlex2282d ago

I know right, I freaken paid it off today and plan on transferring my content on Sunday when it releases. I'm so mad but at the same time happy that the screen is so much bigger. I don't care if they release a duel circle pad version later I'll stick with the XL screen; unless they pull some crap like up the resolution while keeping the same size XL screen and adding duel circle pads, then I'll be F***ed!

triplev162282d ago

Yeah, not so into the circle pad as it should've been on this one but whatever. Bigger screen is a good idea, its just that it happened so soon!

ScubaSteve12282d ago

so am i sensing a 50 dollar ds on black friday