How to Download 8 Free PS Mobile/Suite Demos with video tutorial

Ever wondered how Sony's Playstation Mobile service would integrate with the Ps Vita.
If so, without further ado check out this epic video tutorial to freely download 8 Demos off the PS Mobile SDK and install them on your beloved current gen handheld, the PS Vita.

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geniusgamerdoc1948d ago

TROPHIES for PSM games...HELL YEAH...!!!

So far so good. Lets wait for the Official launch of PS Mobile this Fall.

Excited to use it especially on my Ps VITA. Can't wait to see what all the iOS and Android devs gonna create for this Service.

sabeehqureshi1948d ago

This seems fairly easy to do.

geniusgamerdoc1948d ago

Does anybody know when exactly is Sony launching the Playstation MOBILE service??

i_da_pappy1948d ago

I believe they said fall but I may be wrong

CaptainCamper1948d ago

Can't get enough of my Trophies :D

Protagonist1948d ago

Pretty amazing stuff, I always wonder how people like him figures this stuff out ;o)...

geniusgamerdoc1948d ago

What does ''people like him'' mean. I am a Doctor by profession and a Hardcore gamer by heart.

I run a website, have a huge fan following on Youtube, currently pursuing PAEDIATRIC Medicine as my Career.
So please reconsider things before typing next time.

Protagonist1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

It is meant as in general, not personal.

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