On the Blacklist: why Ubisoft isn't ruining Splinter Cell

OXM UK: "Ubisoft Toronto talks stealth, secret online modes and fixing Conviction"

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dirigiblebill2312d ago

As with Conviction, I think this looks great providing you forget that it's supposed to be a Splinter Cell game.

Raf1k12312d ago

That's the problem. It is a Splinter Cell game and as such it ruins the experience because that's what we want to be playing and think we're buying.

People who haven't played the earlier games will no doubt love it to bits but for those of us who have it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

Yi-Long2312d ago

... but TBH they should have used this new gameplay for a completely NEW IP, cause it isn't the Splinter Cell the fans love and want.

The same thing goes for that new Brothers in Arms game that was supposed to come out, and was COMPLETELY different in terms of gameplay, style, etc as the earlier games.

Just give it a new name, instead of linking it to an existing IP!

NukaCola2312d ago

What never really got me with Rebooting some franchises is the IP that they use. Splinter Cell Conviciton is literally nothing like the original games..They could of given it a new IP and it wouldn't of effected the franchise one bit. Just thinking that way to be honest.

pixelsword2312d ago

You can't ruin something that's already been ruined.

The best you can do is kick the game while it's down.

Therefore, good job for kicking the downed game, Ubisoft.

JBSleek2312d ago

You aren't going to please everyone. People have played this game for years will say that this franchise is doomed and a younger generation or those who never played will likely enjoy it.

That is the risk you take in the gaming world as everyone is a critic but I thought it looked good and will be picking it up but some won't and some will.

DevilishSix2312d ago

For many fans of the series it is already ruined because the voice actor of 10 years (a decade) has been given his pink slip. I am one of the very many that will not support this game without M. Ironside, the man whose voice we identify Sam Fischer with.

mynameisEvil2312d ago

Agreed. It's just too awkward to be playing as Fisher without Ironside providing the voice. I'm not doubting this other guy's talent, but there is oen and only one person who can be described as Mr. Sam Fisher and that'd be Ironside.

Also, the thing that I thought Conviction at least nailed was the use of stealth to kill every bastard you saw. It was a fun game for that and it at least could loosely identify it's gameplay as Splinter Cell gameplay because it at least had SOME STEALTH. Blacklist, from what we've seen, is not that at all. It's some younger guy playing an older Sam Fisher that suddenly LOOKS younger whilst killing a bunch of guys in plain sight. There is pretty much nothing to connect this to Splinter Cell now. Also, since Sam has his own Echelon now, don't you think he'd go back to being all stealthy like he was back for when he was working for Third Echelon? There's no sense in place for this game...

user54670072312d ago

It tells me Ubisoft were cheap

They say it's because of the motion acting but you have someone like Richard McGonagle who plays Sully in Uncharted do motion acting and he's older then Ironside.

Fact is it would of cost more money to get Ironside to do motion acting and thats how lame Ubisoft are. They seem to be turning into the next Capcom/Activision

KMCROC542312d ago

So am gonna guess sports is not your cup of tea seeing as how players are traded,leave or are cut no matter how long they been your team or any other team.

nofallouthero2312d ago

wait if fishers a spy why wouldn't he want to work only at night why would he want to work during the day it makes no sense

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