Sony hopes "more affordable" Vita bundles will boost sales

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida hopes that a range of Vita hardware bundles will help drive sales this Christmas.

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omarzy2285d ago

It should help, but not as much as they want it too. 250 bucks is not just too much for a vita atm because of no software, it is too much for a portable in general. Adding a free game will help, but not enough?

Sanquine902285d ago

I think 200 euro ( with memory card) is the sweet spot! Futhermore, they need to advertise the amazing titles that are coming. I know a lot of friends who just find out about the vita and they saw tear away! They al bought a vita yesterday ( 10 people) Sony need to improve advertisiments.

chrisarsenalsavart2285d ago

you sir, should work for sony

Sanquine902284d ago

No , they should replace their PR team. Make commercials like that stupid Kinect bullshit. If sony show little big planet or tear away even parents will buy the best handheld ever build. Yeah i mean it! I think this is the best shit i have hold in my hand in years. I could not dream that this graphics and not to forget this sort of gameplay is possible when i played the first gameboy about 15 years ago.

- Oke , to make my point clear! Sony need to advertise and show them games on tv. Not a stupid kid who says : the world is in play! They must show kids playing uncharted or rayman or better Tear away when it comes out.

BTW thanks , but i am studying for auditing / auditor / accountant i do not know how it is called in english.