EA's Gibeau has "seen" PS4 and Xbox 720

PS4 and Xbox 720 do not exist. Got that?
Just because the president of EA Labels Frank Gibeau says he’s seen them, that doesn’t mean they’re real.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )



This is great confirmation of the new consoles.

taquito2285d ago

how can this have seriously happened, the console industry is completely stagnant with rehashes and remakes and retreads and rebirths and no innovation and nothing but poor visuals and crappy framerates with jaggies all over the place.

i do not even remember the last time i turned my 360 on, gears 3 maybe??

ps3 was dark souls, but i do use the bluray player in it in the bedroom, but in the theater room i have a much nicer oppo player, so......

thank goodness for pc, next gen all the time baby!

Starbucks_Fan2285d ago

you trolls are getting more and more boring...

AusRogo2285d ago

Well that's a shame, you can just stick with pc and miss out on all the console game exclusives.

taquito2285d ago

i played all 2 of the ones that intrested me on console in 2011, havent played one this year

MacDonagh2285d ago

Oh dear. This seems to be a joke article commenting on whether the new consoles are real.

Quote from the article: "The component manufacturers making the innards ARE real, but the components they are making are NOT. Unless they are currently on the market or installed in existing machines. Then they’re real. But the ones being made for the new consoles aren’t. They’re not real. Understood?"

¬_¬ I'm sure it's just an article on how PR folk try to spin themselves out of trouble.

Metal-X2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

One does not simply "see" the PS4 and Xbox720.

lociefer2285d ago

Yo dawg I heared u like the word "real"