Assassin's Creed Liberation - Gamescom 2012. Gameplay (PSVita) [HD]

A youtube user named SuperPlayUp Recently submitted this,
near 5 minute long gameplay of Assassins Creed Liberation.

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Snookies122252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Looks wonderful! Though the only part they need to fix is the rowing animation. Way too choppy when going back to the start of the row, needs more fluidity.

mafiahajeri2251d ago

Yes that the first thing I noticed, its weird though the guy shes withs animations look fine.

Army_of_Darkness2251d ago

That COD vita game look like shit.

PoSTedUP2251d ago

i bet it's because the player was trying to row too quickly.

mafiahajeri2251d ago

Go look at NFS screens they make this look like crap :P

PoSTedUP2251d ago

stimpy you Ideeeiot! that is a racing game.

mttrackmaster382251d ago

No they don't. Both games look splendid.

rpd1232248d ago

They really don't. Plus those are screens, which typically look better than the game actually is.

Omar912251d ago

I will most likely get this with the white vita bundle :D

Knushwood Butt2250d ago

Pre-ordered this a while back.

Looking forward to it.