Mirror’s Edge 2: 5 Essential Features We Want To See

WC writes: DICE recently said at Gamescom that they intend to do more with the Bad Company and Mirror’s Edge IP’s, so now is the perfect time to give them feedback on what fans want in the next Mirror’s Edge.

The first game has somewhat of a cult following and sold decently well, so there is a reason EA and DICE keep mentioning a follow-up.

Here’s 5 things the game simply can’t go without.

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toxic-inferno2285d ago

Reading this makes me want to play the first game through again. I loved the challenge and unique experience of playing from such an immersive position. And open-world would be great fun!

The only thing that worries me about an open-world Mirror's Edge is that it might remove some of the fluidity from the game. The first game only felt as fluid as it did because the developer's allowed the game to predict your next movements.

aliengmr2285d ago

Either open world or "Half-Life" style. No more of those cutscenes, they just didn't match and weren't the highest quality.

Honestly though, the first one was missing something. I can't say what, something felt wrong about it for me. It wasn't lack of guns(would've preferred no guns at all). I think it was the world itself. It felt fake. Like it was designed "just" as a level in a video game and nothing more.

I loved the idea of it, but I just couldn't like the game.