Supporting the PC: It’s okay to get upset about poor console ports, but do the right thing anyway

Dark Souls is coming to PC, and it's been revealed that the game will be locked at 30 FPS and 720p due to it not being optimised for PC. Some PC gamers are upset about this, while others say that we should just be thankful the game is coming to PC at all. The truth, says Tim Colwill, is actually somewhere in the middle.

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Letros2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

I don't feel obligated to support this game at $40 "to prevent reprocussions". I will pay the amount that I feel it is worth($10-15 atm). That is one great thing about Steam deals and its analytics, developers can view the revenue earned based on a games pricing, and then THEY can attribute that to the quality of their work. Guess what? Quality PC ports are pretty common today.

FanboyPunisher2250d ago

why support a shit game like this 30 fps and 720p locked? Thats a first for a AAA titles, easily shows they want to milk the PC industry with minamal effort, fuck this company.

Greedy as fuck.

I'd pay 5-10 dollars for a terrible port like that.

camel_toad2250d ago

I did my best to make sure I had a top-of-the-line pc but there are so many companies (understandably so thanks to profits) that dumb down the graphics to make their games work for consoles (more owners) than it does hurt when u play a pc turd game that could look so much better on a pc (Dark Souls).

Sieg2250d ago

For the price point of the game. I'd say no because of the poor optimization. I enjoy the game on my PS3 and looking forward toward a PC port, but I got a bit too excited and started to think eyefinity with Dark Souls would be awesome. I guess it's not the case now. I'll buy it when it's on sale or add more features.

Zha1tan2250d ago

lol i wouldnt waste money on getting the PC version, 30 fps at 720p will look absolutely crap on 1080p monitors because monitors dont have good upscaling and im willing to bet it doesnt have anti aliasing either.

slane32250d ago

u pc gamers are such spoiled brats.....just enjoy the fn game

LightofDarkness2250d ago

Get a clue. As has been stated before, if a Wii game was ported to PS3 with 480p and 30fps, there would be much greater uproar and probably talk of boycotts. Think before you type.

achmetha2250d ago

I'm sure there will be a modder who is able to fix these things. That's the beauty of PC gaming right?

It doesn't make it okay that the developer didn't optimize it..but we all know these issues will be fixed.

For me, I'm just waiting for the DLC to hit the PSN. I considered re-buying it on PC, but if it's going to run the same "out of the box" and the only benefit is DLC early..I'd rather wait..

Dark_king2250d ago

Im not a pc gamer really and I say there is no excuse for the game to be locked there.But you get what you pay for goes both ways here.They don't want to spend the time an money to get it running where it needs to be they will lose sells they would have gotten.

You buy it and Im sure someone will get it running at 1080p and 60fps.The pc community is rather skillful when it comes to fixing others mistakes.

CBaoth2250d ago

Borderlands was a mess on PC @ launch. Then came the advanced configurations mod which added numerous options to tweak it. Runs and looks gorgeous now.

People are overreacting. The port team already said the game will have resolution & AA options. They are paultry in comparison to other PC games, but did any of you really expect FOV options from a console maker?

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The story is too old to be commented.