Far Cry 3 Interview - Gamescom

Gamereactor's Mathias Holmberg had a go at a new playable demo of Far Cry 3 at this year's Gamescom and cornered Lead Game Designer Jamie Keen so as to tell you all about it.

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Adolph Fitler2313d ago

Can't wait to get this. I hope as much effort goes into the multiplayer, as has gone into campaign, as Far Cry on consoles has been terrible for lag & just overall playability, & the only thing that saved online multiplayer from Far Cry on Xbox to Far Cry 2, is the map makers & the fun that offered (especially in the 1st game), as the actual play was an embarassment to Crytec & then Ubisoft as well.

Make the online multiplayer lag free, smooth & with great controllability, thus responsiveness.
I love the whole tropical island settings in games, so please get it right Ubisoft.

Does anyone happen to know if the map editor/maker is returning in this one?