Plantronics dives into professional gaming with a headset for cyber athletes

Got $299? Then you can get one of the new Plantronics GameCom Commander headsets for pro gamers.

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acronkyoung2259d ago

If I buy these, gaming glasses, and gamer grub, I can be a professional gamer, right?

Zha1tan2259d ago

No your missing a can of moutain dew!

Nocturne1472259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Nowp,your missing refrigerator under table.

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ninjahunter2259d ago

$300 o_o

Psyko (krypton) has a true 5.1 headset for half that.

Dasteru2259d ago

There is no such thing as a "true" 5.1 headset. It is all just marketing BS.

A true 5.1 setup consists of-

A front center speaker
front left
Front right
Side left
Side right
and the .1 being a sub.

5.1 headsets typically have 3 low grade drivers on each side plus a low frequency driver on each side. That is basically a 6.2 setup with 2 front centers, All of which are smashed together on the sides rather than properly placed around the head. They then use digital sound processing to simulate surround sound. It works in a similar way to a soundbar but with even lower quality.

A proper set of stereo headphones have much better sound quality. And if you want surround sound you can use Dolby headphone which actually sounds alot better than the crap processing they use in 5.1 or 7.1 headsets.

Try a pair of Sennheiser HD 598's with Dolby headphone on DH3 setting and you will never even think about going back to cheap "surround" headsets.

ninjahunter2259d ago

Look it up, Psyko, krypton, it has 5 speakers in the headbands and uses sound pipes to pipe the sound down to your ears from all the various angles along with 2 well sized subwoofers.

Dasteru2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

So called "Sound Pipes" directing sound like that would introduce reverb and further degrade audio quality.

Is it 5 drivers total across both sides or 5 drivers in each earpiece, If its in each earpiece then its a pseudo 10.2, and even with the sound pipes it still is directing the sound to angles on the side of the head, not the front and back.

The illusion of having sound coming from the front or back is done through digital manipulation of the sound which damages sound quality. Regardless, they are not "true" 5.1.

ninjahunter2259d ago

Look it up, it is true 5.1 and its made very clear on their site that they arent designed for listening to music or movies because the way the audio is distributed. If you dont have a 5.1 sound card you cannot use it. It has a speaker Designated for front, Left, right, Left back, right back and 2 sub woofers. The way the speakers and pipes are set up the sound is actually directed to come from in front of and behind your ears.

There is no software associated with the headset, nothing.
You plug the three cables into your sound card and your soundcard detects it as a 5.1 system and your ready to go.

Dasteru2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Thanks, i did look it up. Its not true 5.1.

It is an intresting take on surround headphones but still can't technically be considered 5.1.

Simply having 5 main speakers does not count as 5.1 audio, as i stated in a previous reply, in order to be considered 5.1 the setup must consist of a front center, front left, front right, side left, side right and a single subwoofer or bass unit. Surround headphones including the ones you are talking about, work similarly to a sounbar, placing all the speakers together then simulating surround by non direct means.

The Krypton from what i have seen actually appears to be a 0.2 setup with 5 II-z height channels which are directed through the tubes to different angles on the ears. It still isn't able to accurately replicate a front center speaker, rather having it directed to the front side angle of the ear. It has 2 bass drivers which automatically means it cannot be considered 5.1 (the .1 implies a single bass unit, not 2). Also despite not being made for music, sound quality still matters. The tubes would create reverb and muffle the sound. A good pair of open back headphones with Dolby headphone software creates a far more accurate surround effect, obviously still not 5.1 but better none the less. It actually simulates a 7.1 sound.

Edit: You stated that it provides sound to the back left and back right, that also makes it non 5.1. A proper 5.1 setup doesn't have rear speakers. 7.1 does.