GameFront: Sleeping Dogs Review

GameFront: Did Square Enix make the right call when it decided to save this game? Absolutely. Sleeping Dogs is a worthy installment in the sandbox genre, strong enough to stand alongside the greats and bringing enough innovation to be a must-play for genre fans. You may be able to blow through its story mode in a single weekend, but the game is jam-packed with enough content to keep you busy long after the credits roll.

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WeskerChildReborned1945d ago

Great game, i'm loving every minute of it.

Ilovetheps41945d ago

This game is getting some pretty good reviews. Makes me want to play it sometime.

Lol_Lmao1945d ago

Yep, chose this over Darksiders 2 and I picked the better game.

1945d ago
noisemedia1945d ago

If youre on the fence about Sleeping Dogs, go for it!

After about 3 hours of gameplay Id have to say its the one of the best games out this year. Great hand to hand combat, a really well populated and varied world, and decent driving/vehicles.

Its definitely worth your time. I cant wait to get off work and get home to play some more.