NWR: Nintendo 3DS XL Review

NWR: I’ve already written—eloquently—about my minor addiction to hardware iterations. I can’t turn a good form factor down, which is why I was already wringing my hands over the coming 3DS XL. Site director Neal Ronaghan had the unit shipped to my house, knowing he’d be in town for its arrival, and we planned on doing some epic video comparisons and whatnot. That didn’t really pan out, but you can expect a detailed photo-essay by yours truly alongside this review. Part of the reason the video thing didn’t really come together is that there honestly wasn’t much to do. The unit isn’t really exciting on its own—it’s exciting when compared to its forebearer, which seems like a hollow shell of a system now. The 3DS XL is what I was hoping the 3DS would be from the get-go. We went through the same transition between the DS Phat and the DS Lite. If you haven’t been convinced to toss your old 3DS in favor of this newer, sexier, bigger version, do read on; perhaps I can sway you.

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