Far Cry 3 – new gameplay reveals ‘outposts’

Far Cry 3 producer Dan Hay talks about the optional outposts scattered throughout the island chain. The environment is replete with shark fights, water buffalo hunts, and powder-keg random scenarios. What will you find?

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HebrewHammer2288d ago

Thank god they won't be like FarCry 2's outposts. What a pain

ab5olut10n2288d ago

I didn't mind them too much. At least you had plenty of people to shoot, stab, and burn.

ab5olut10n2288d ago

Never mind, apparently I DID mind the outposts and the constantly respawning guards DIDN'T give you any more people to kill. I stand corrected?

kanetheking2288d ago

yes change your mind to how we think hahahahahahah!

HebrewHammer2287d ago

Take it easy. I'm sure people merely disagree with you on not minding them.

Fact is, they were poorly implemented. You could seldom drive on the roads because crossing outposts would get your vehicle shot up way too much.

Moreover, they offered very little incentive to raid. At best they offered ammo, something that could safely be acquired at hideouts.

And re-spawning enemies is ok, but NOT at outposts littering just about every intersection on the damn map.

MerkinMax2287d ago

Outposts were terrible. Games need to empower the player and make actions have consequences. Starting a mission, driving 10 minutes, fight an outpost for 10 minutes, continue with mission, drive back through to fight the same outpost again. Rinse and repeat. Made your actions feel so pointless, and missions became a drag knowing you'd have to deal with an outpost you previously cleansed again.

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Nocturne1472288d ago

HOLY JESUS ! I want this game faster !

Jovahkiin2288d ago

This is going to be my GOTY.... This game is perfect. Can't wait to see some map editor footage.

blackhammer2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Is the map editor restricted to creating multiplayer maps?

Jovahkiin2287d ago

It was multi maps only in the last game but you can explore them yourself in a private match and they have only announced it for FC3 , no info yet on it.

Off topic, why are people disagreeing with my opinion... jesus guys haha

Zha1tan2288d ago

ok that was much much better than what I was expecting....

stabbing bullsharks in the face = win

HammadTheBeast2287d ago

Don't tell PETA about this..

partycrasher1012288d ago

I was extremely excited leading up to the release of Far Cry 2 only to be very dissapointed in it. Now im getting extremely excited for Far Cry 3. Please dont dissapoint me again guys, PLEASE :(

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