New Mega Man Game “Rockman X (Cross) Over” Announced for iOS

Well, to all of you who have been wondering about what’s next for Mega Man games, here is perhaps the answer. Capcom has announced “Rockman Xover” (cross over), a social RPG, for iOS 4.0 and above. Few details are available so far, but the game promises to being together the heroes and villains across each Mega Man series. The story goes as follows:

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Starbucks_Fan2106d ago

That's pretty pathetic Capcom...

PopRocks3592106d ago

Exclusive to iOS? Really?

badjournalism2106d ago

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH~! - sincerely, all the Breath of Fire fans.

jc485732106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

I blame console gamers. They don't buy Mega Mans like they used to.

crxss2105d ago

it's true, last MM games i bought were all for PS1 and DS.

wishingW3L2106d ago

Interesting. I'm sure all those people clamoring for a Megaman RPG on iOS will be thrilled.

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The story is too old to be commented.