Five Cartoons that Need to be Games

Let’s face it – games based on cartoons aren’t normally the most critically acclaimed. Sure, there are a few gems here and there, but for the most part, they’re half-hearted and rushed to retail in order to make some quick cash. However, when put into the right hands, cartoon-based games can prove to be quite enjoyable.

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waltyftm2288d ago

There all a bit poo, except for the avengers, we need Boondocks and Venture Bros to be made into games, not shitty turtle remakes and he-man.

DarthJay2288d ago

There was actually going to be a He-Man Playstation 2 game. I actually found the artwork for it at a convention I went to from the artist that drew it. I really, really want a He-Man game, for sure.

Ben_Grimm2287d ago

I saw the He-Man game at an E3. It was the video game based on the latest He-Man not the 80's one in the pic.

The game actually looked decent.

prototypeknuckles2287d ago

LEGEND OF KORRA, if done right the game could be amazing

Puddlejumper752287d ago

TMNT already had a game. Several of them in fact. BTW I dont know if it changed but they are no longer going to be "mutants" in the upcoming movie. Last I heard they were going with them being aliens.Micheal Bay cant leave anything alone after all.

There are some good ones from the 80s that need to be made into games.
Gi Joe needs a decent game
M.A.S.K could be an epic car battle game.