GTA IV: Rockstar "expects" angry reaction

Rockstar Games founder Dan Houser has said the company expects an angry reaction from certain corners of the media when GTA IV is released this April.

"I expect it because we've had so much of it in the past," Houser said at a recent game demonstration in North America.

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Iron Man 23853d ago

I say let the haters hate,who care's what they think or say,I can't wait for GTA IV!;)

THC CELL3852d ago

i am angry i have not got it yet

Anego Montoya FTMFW3852d ago

makes GTA better.

hate on.

it`ll boost this games sales.


rawg3852d ago

Instead of spending $20M on advertising they can get free airtime on every new channel, talk show, late night show, radio talk show and internet blog for free.

That kind of guaranteed media coverage is like gold. They should charge companies to ride on their coat tails... "media controversy over starbucks(tm) hot coffee mod" or "gamers get 25 MPG while running over underage hookers in their 2008 Ford Escape"

Delt43852d ago

Like anyone of us care what the news says....i mean come on did anyone forget about Mass Effect.....( the NEWS = Ignorance )

-EvoAnubis-3852d ago

Of course it will. It's GTA for crying out loud. Where does the "surprise" part begin?

Then again, it's not as if I care. Day one buy.

predator3852d ago

2 months and 30 days remaining (there or bouts)

can't wait for this game

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The story is too old to be commented.