Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Why Do We Still Care?

You can only ice a cake so many times before people begin to realize it’s gotten stale.

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TheLyonKing2284d ago

I don't, looks alright but I fell out of love of the COD series after WAW.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232284d ago

we care because we enjoy it. MW3 is garbage even though i still play it for hours most nights.

BLOPSII looks really good and will defo be a pre-order. although the pre-order bonus is probably the worst COD map ever.

MrAnderson2284d ago

people care because people love FPS', and battlefield falls short in many aspects (and Dice have become extremly greedy) so there's basically no competition for COD, so it can be as repetitive and lackluster as it wants, who's there to compete?

people wanna shoot each other online, and what else are they going to play? oh, and it helps BO2 that MW3 was so damn terrible, it basically guarantees sales.


I think the other aspect of it is that there are so many of us who are still in love and dreaming of a cod that plays closer to Cod4.

I had some of the best fun and gaming moments playing cod4.

I suppose it's a catch 22 for the devs.

There are so many people already who complain about MW not changing but then for someone like me it has already changed too much. The focus on Running around like a headless chicken and this "fast paced" action that they keep going on about has just turned it into a real lag fest that feels so inbalanced and inconsistant that it's a million miles apart from Cod4.

Cod4 had everything just right and everytime they bring out a new Cod/mw game I keep hoping that I am going to see a bit more balance return but after watching the BLOB2 gameplay I know thats a dream that is not going to happen.

I mean playing over a lan connection and still seeing bullet lag... no hope for the game.

dillydadally2284d ago

I agree with you Dark Witness. Everyone keeps hoping they'll finally get it right - that holy grail of balance and fun. But I think we need to just accept that until they solve the lag issues, it will never be there.

SolidDuck2284d ago

I agree Mr Anderson. I love competitive online shooters. And even tho it seems like there are a ton of FPS games out there, most are not very good. To me and this is just my opinion, there are only 4 FPS franchises on consoles worth playing online. Halo, battlefield, killzone, and COD. So even tho cod hasn't really changed a ton since 4, its formula is still up there with the best.

AtomicGerbil2284d ago

After MW2 I didn't and I know of many others who were done after Blops, but I will admit that I have a pang of interest regarding Blops 2, it could very well be the one that brings me back. Although I will of course be waiting for user feedback before taking the plunge.

dillydadally2284d ago

Love your avatar :) The I.T. Crowd's one of my favorites. On topic, I as well have not been a fan since MW2, but with everyone I know buying it, I always end up getting it in the end just so I can play with my friends.

seanpitt232284d ago

mw2 was ok different from its predessors but after that it got awful no imagination just the same year after year thats why it hasnt made me care for along time

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The story is too old to be commented.