Sleeping Dogs to be Censored and Given a Z Rating in Japan

That’s right folks, Square-Enix’s hot new IP, Sleeping Dogs, is getting a Z-Rating in Japan, meaning gamers will have to ask for the game and it will be kept under the counter.

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Yi-Long2309d ago

.... A government should NEVER be censoring entertainment intended for a mature audience.

Nor should developers censor themselfs, or agree to censor their product.

h311rais3r2309d ago

Who's to say what I am not allowed to watch??

Rubberlegs2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Not surprised by the rating. More violent games from this gen have been getting Z ratings in Japan when they are M rated here. Some are really odd like Infamous 2 is Z rated, T rated here in the US and other regions.
This game isn't to different from GTA either and every single GTA games has been rated Z.

ChunkyLover532309d ago

Its kind of sad that Empires still exist, censoring is wrong.

aliengmr2309d ago

Is this unusual for Japan?

Every nation has one form of censorship or another. So, not really news.