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Hybrid isn’t like other third-person shooters. Your movement is restricted by just side stepping a few feet to the left or right. You can jump over the cover if you need to stop enemies from shooting your backside, but that is as far as you go on the ground. However, you can move from cover to cover by rocketing yourself across the map shooting your enemies from above, but this also makes you vulnerable in the air.

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X-Factor2285d ago

Pretty freakin awesome review!!!

Dlacy13g2285d ago

Its actually quite a good game. Definitely worth checking out the free demo.

guitarded772284d ago

I played the demo, and it does run very smoothly and looks great for a downloadable game. I just can't get with the whole constant cover element of the game... it feels so restricting. There are far better third person shooters on XBOX IMO.