Rumor: Wii U achievement system leaked as 'Wii U Accomplishments'?

"A Neogaf user posted the following image comes from Project Cars' "Career Design Document" from May 2012.

Do you think this could be the real deal? Nintendo hasn't really confirmed or denied a type of achievement system for it's new system.

Thanks to Josh for sending this in!", writes GoNintendo.

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ChunkyLover531943d ago

Thank God if its true, I am really hoping for some sort of Achievement system on the Wii U.

WeskerChildReborned1943d ago

Yea it would definitely be cool.

gaffyh1943d ago

I think the PS achievement system was rumoured to be called accomplishmments at one point too.

Hisiru1943d ago

I hope so because it's a very important feature for me, and I hope it's similar to Trophies (level based).

Morrigan-Aensland1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I find it funny that simple things that should be implemented today in video games aren't confirmed and people put up with little to no info on a product they expect to purchase soon. I know most people think they should pledge allegiance to a certain product so they'll put up with all bad decisions and excuse or apologize for whatever. I'm a gamer who likes quality and I like video games with a lot of it no matter where. I view Nintendo as gimmicky and selling outdated technology at a premium.

The Wii u is rubbish. I don't say that because it spins dirt in the HDD. I say that because of all the secrecy, all the protection Nintendo wants to implement to try protect adults because some kids might play visa-versa. There isn't a release date announced or how much it will cost. The public doesn't know about all the launch games and a lot of things surrounding this product. If Nintendo felt like their fans wanted those info instead of being sheep's then they would release them. Im so glad I'm off the Nintendo hype train to where I would apologize for Nintendo not implementing a DVD drive because they only focus in the core mechanics of playing games but have netflix support.

I feel so good after NES fanatics shouted abuse saying that the Wii u is going to be very powerful but then e3 showed them that its not. Even after e3 some delusional ones still are clutching their teddys screaming about how powerful it is when some says something to the contrary. Anyway, e3 and gamescom bolstered the fact of who is the best video game maker and supporter.PlayStation. most NES fanboys discredits and hates PlayStation because they make powerful devices and high production quality games. Most people discredits or hate Nintendo products because the devices are weak in technology, and most of the games are remakes with little upgrade and outdated tech. I'd like to see if my opinion is voted down because its based off truths. Its funny when NES fanatics can't counter the truth with lies. Can't wait for them to tell all when Wii u is launching and all sorts that Nintendo didn't speak on or how its a common practice what Nintendo does . Nintendo with achievements will be a Wii u me too moment.

linkratos1943d ago

I truly despise every single post you type.

PopRocks3591943d ago


All I'm reading is "Wah wah wah, whine whine whine, bitch bitch bitch I HATE THE BANDS YOU LIKE."

yabhero1943d ago

I honestly feel bad for you... every post you type is pathetic...

Rockoman161943d ago

Oh please just shut up for once!

omarzy1943d ago

"I'd like to see if my opinion is voted down because its based off truths." This is pretty funny.

"Its funny when NES fanatics can't counter the truth with lies" um no human can counter the truth with lies. picking out these funny sentences is a lot more fun that defending Nintendo.

A lot of Nintendo haters have terrible writing skills.

nintendojunkie281943d ago

I am so sick of you.You're a cancer and the bane of my very existence.I think I might actually hate you.

Blankman851943d ago

Hahaha. Nobody likes you.

bothebo1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Notice how none of them actually responded to your post. Instead they took the Ninny fan boy route where they KNOW they just got burned, so they're calling you a troll. So typical.

Salamander1942d ago

Maybe Bothebo, weve all heard this shite before. Some guyz say there excited about the machine, then along comes your mate trying to turn it into a fanboy debate.

Come on fellas pull your heads in.

nintendojunkie281942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Actually,I have before,with him and those like him.It's pointless to argue with a PS fanboy;you get absolutely nowhere.Like I said,I'm sick of morrigan and now you.Why don't you jokers go light up some other forum.

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phantomexe1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

i hope this is true and you can compare with friends

-Alpha1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I hope they rebrand it to like "Stars" or something, instead of "Accomplishments"

Hopefully Nintendo adds its own twist like Sony did. It'd be cool if they didn't use the Sony/MS shared concept of attaining a set goal and made it dynamic, like in TimeSplitters where you can "upgrade" an already completed challenge to get a higher ranking. That would make it skill-based too. It'd be like trophies, except imagine if all your bronze trophies could be upgraded to gold trophies by doing the bronze challenges better.

linkratos1943d ago

This is what I've been saying. Coins and stars please.

r211943d ago

yes, stars would be more of an appropriate achievement system than accomplishment.

slutface1943d ago

LOL oh nintendo....always late to the party

DarkHeroZX1943d ago

true. but better late then never

PygmelionHunter1942d ago

Actually, I wouldn't mind it if they never came to the Wii U, lol, but then again, it doesn't bother me as long as they don't cut in-game content and give achievements as an excuse.

-Alpha1943d ago

That username and avatar combination is just so unholy.

omarzy1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

The fact that Sackboy is waving makes it a lot worse for some reason.

user54670071942d ago


Thought it might be because his legs are wide open

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