The Top 5 Zombie Franchises Ever

We love zombie games. The idea of a zombie apocalypse, as well as the circumstances around it, incite the perfect balance of fear, action, and violence that we as a gaming community just love. Indeed, what’s not to love? Even the most casual gamers get hooked on zombie games, and there’s been at least one zombie game made for almost every gaming platform in the last thirty years. But there are some zombie titles that really do stick out. These zombie games have defined a genre, have been applauded by critics, and can stand the trials of time with ease. These, my friends, are the Top 5 Zombie franchises in video-game history.

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amandadyar2282d ago

Great list. Dead Rising is one of my favorites that didn't make the cut though :(

LackTrue4K2282d ago

dam...they should of added Red Dead Redemption, Undead nitemare. i know it as only a DLC, but it was just good and simple.

newsguyjjrox2282d ago

There are a lot of good zombie games, DR+ DR2 being one of those. Definitely would've made top 10.

WeskerChildReborned2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

RE use to be a great zombie franchise and still is technically but RE5 kinda disapointed me and RE6 doesn't look real different.

Hopefully, RE6 can bring back some elements that made past RE games great.

sloth33952282d ago

since when is Nazi Zombies a franchise its a game mode not its own game

newsguyjjrox2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Look at the definition of franchise. They've marketed and licensed the bejeebus out of that thing.

Kingdom Come2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

"Nazi Zombies" is hugely overrated in my personal opinion, and whilst "Day Z" is hugely enjoyable, it doesn't have the polish or diversity to be listed higher than franchises such as Dead Rising, it's a great mod, but one that grows boring very fast.

newsguyjjrox2282d ago

Probably should have made it a top 10 so no one would complain. Oh well. I mostly put DayZ there because of what it's started, all these MMO Survival-Horror games.

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