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Overall, the gaming industry has seen many shifts the past decades with the majority of solid 2D titles ceasing to hit the shelves. Hardcore 2D fans will never forget the likes of Castlevania, Metroid, Contra, and several other titles that captured the hearts of young gamers (and some old) everywhere. So, now that most of us have grown up into an age of a Call of Duty cloned “surreal action shooter” filled market, you would think a new 2D platformer would fail to appease gamers. If you had your doubts, you are wrong. Humble Hearts, a primarily one man team, has just released one of the most refreshing side-scrollers to hit the Live Arcade. If you want to know what real gaming is like, this title can easily show it to you.

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amandadyar2314d ago

Love this game! Good review.

Captain Qwark 92314d ago

played the demo last night, it was very very good. reminds me of castlevania sotn. as soon as i finish darksiders 2 and transformers, this is next ( at the rate i finish games it will be next year lol )

Dread2314d ago

this game is awesome

I highly recommend it