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Konami Release New Silent Hill: Book of Memories Screen – Fans Not Happy

"Konami have just released the following image for Silent Hill: Book of Memories on the official Silent Hill Facebook page and it hasn't gone down too well with the series' fan base." (PS Vita, Silent Hill: Book Of Memories)

WHAT THE F**K!!!! @_@ Hmm... interesting choice there Konami. interesting indeed.
This can't be THAT bad. Right? o_-
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jc48573  +   765d ago
I'm never touching another Silent hill game. I stopped right at 4 and I will continue to do so. The hell with Konami.

Edit: Just look at the door. It's like cartoon door.
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DreamingOfMyself  +   765d ago
You are free to do so, but just so you know Downpour and Shattered memories were amazing.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   765d ago
No they weren't >_< I wish people would stop claiming Downpour and Shattered Memories as amazing games. Silent Hill ended at 4.
The western devs haven't got a clue and it needs to go back to Japan before we get some goofy Silent Hill game with a top down view and silly costumes......oh wait..... >_>
jc48573  +   765d ago
You consider those Silent Hill? They felt nothing like Silent Hill.
Pozzle  +   764d ago
Downpour and Shattered Memories were good games in their own rights, but I wouldn't go so far as to say they were 'amazing' games, let alone amazing SH games. And they certainly weren't as great or nuanced as the earlier SH games.
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George Sears  +   765d ago
Konami, why you troll?
Biohazard8860  +   765d ago
So konami is now being like crAPCOM SMH -_-
floetry101  +   765d ago
Meanwhile, at the offices of Konami....

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Biohazard8860  +   765d ago
DreamingOfMyself  +   765d ago
How about you all shut up.. "OH MOMMY ITS THE END OF SILETN HILL!! RIP SILENT HILL" Stfu
Every franchise has a game that differs from the original formula and this is the case here..
Moby-Royale  +   765d ago
They aren't being particularly rude about it. And you know..... the whole "freedom of speech" fad that's been catching on.

You seem to be taking this as a personal offense.

May I be so bold as to suggest that perhaps you should take a proverbial "chill pill"?
Cam977  +   765d ago
When I think of Silent Hill I don't think of the Sims, what the *^&%$ is this Konami!I thought you couldn't get any worse but its evident tht has happened. Do you care about this series?
Book of sh** is more like it!
Alos88  +   765d ago
I think I'll just pretend this doesn't exist, I'll get depressed if I start thinking that Konami took one look at this and decided "yep, this is canon".
Kratoscar2008  +   765d ago
How a series with a game of the caliber of SH 2 has been turned to THIS!

What the series did to you Konami to punish it in this way?
SlxTeN  +   765d ago
i guess game making companies are trying to appeal to younger generation and are leaving older generation behind.
phinch  +   765d ago
it still a game franchise that is aimed at adults...are suggesting that the next generation of adults prefere this?
SlxTeN  +   763d ago
we don't really know if this silent hill will be aimed at adults.
phinch  +   765d ago
"sigh" looks at my ps1 and ps2 collection of silent hill, "what happend guys........WHAT HAPPEND"
BitbyDeath  +   765d ago
Lol, it's a joke. Konami are trolling everyone. They have to be... :-(
Kran  +   764d ago
Do bare in mind... Silent Hill would make anyone go crazy if they visited it xD
Xperia_ion  +   764d ago
Willy Wonka and the Silent Hill Factory
boybato  +   764d ago
how can you send a suggestion to konami so that they could consider a snacher or policenauts remake?
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   764d ago
Come on Konami, Hideo Kojima sounds like he is willing to bite if you give him a big enough bone so you will get the hardware you need. Is it that hard to find somebody who actually did research on the town?

Akira Yamaoka is still making music for the movies so obviously he is still attached to the franchise and Masahiro Ito shouldn't be that hard to find for creature design (Unless he is angry with your fans did the series as of late. I remember him being upset with the HD collection.)

Team Siren, Takashii Mike, Nick Greenlee are only a tip of the iceberg of people that fans suggested to direct and most of them were thought up in less than 5 minutes, something that your paid staff couldn't think of for the last few years obviously (Even if you did try to contact them, at least document your efforts to the fanbase to soften the blow.)

I don't want to have to fly Japan myself!
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rawshack  +   764d ago
Don't judge a book by its cover boys it's no big deal
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   764d ago
The problem is Konami hasn't assured the fans of a Silent Hill V that would remain failthful to the franchise. If a great sequel was already shown which won over the doubtful, people wouldn't be as irritable to seeing an off-base spinoff.....
rawshack  +   761d ago
I think it's a good idea .ive been playing silent hill since 1999 so it will be nice so see something a litte different . I like dungeon games with loot .lets hope these idtiots don't blow it
TheDivine  +   764d ago
This isnt a silent hill game its a cheap dungeon hunter ripoff with a silent hill skin to mak quick cash off vita owners. Hell not much else to buy on vita at the moment.
CShadow  +   764d ago
I love 4 player rpg oh wait this silent hill??
DivineAssault  +   764d ago
games dont ever scare me anyway.. As long as the gameplay is fun, im not worried about the customization options.. Ya they could've chose serious clothing for the characters but who cares? im sure dressing them like that is completely optional & they have MANY more outfits that will suit everyones needs.. Im still looking forward to this game.. Looks like it has a diablo type twist to it.. as long as it has blood & other M rated content, im in...

Oh my mistake.. Demon/Dark Souls scared the F**K out of me! thats it tho.. Best damn game this gen..
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Ethereal  +   764d ago
Was interesting in this but from what I played at E3, ill wait for the bargain bin. Konami needs to step it up on SH.

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