PlayStation Mobile Developers and Publishers Revealed, From Software, SCEE R&D Included

Sony has announced the publishers and developers that will be supporting PlayStation Mobile, the upcoming platform for PlayStation Vita and Android PlayStation Certified devices. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2286d ago

Zomg From Software! The amount of Japanese devs on this is awesome (not counting Gameloft)

grahf2286d ago

If a Souls game comes out for the Vita... I may have to bite the bullet and pick it up...

As long as it isn't the same quality level as the Black Ops Vita version!

HarvesterOSarow2286d ago

It won't be a bullet you're biting. It will be delicious games in the palm of your hand!

grahf2286d ago

If I didn't have such a bad PSP experience (hardware problems with 2 units), then I would agree with you. I'm VERY wary of giving the Vita a shot.

r212286d ago

dude dont worry, the vita is way tougher than the psp. i've once dropped mine accidentally and it was still working fine.

HellzAssassin2286d ago

If a Souls game comes out for Vita, and it's more like Demon's Souls rather then Dark Souls... I'll pick it up the moment it comes out. Then I'll proceed with not having a life for the next few days.

grahf2286d ago

It wasn't neglect, or mis-use... I literally got the unit, the face buttons were wonky (not responsive, off-center from the sensors underneath), so I took it back. Then I got a 2nd one. Same thing. Returned, never looked back. I also wasn't happy with load times, but thats minor I guess.

Tried a Vita demo unit, waited 5 minutes (slight exaggeration) to get through loading screens & menus to try Wipeout, put it down after a minute, just not my game. The load time is what sticks in my mind though. Hopefully that is resolved as newer games come out.

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Foolsjoker2286d ago

Ps Suite (mobile) sounds sweet!

sypher2286d ago

Yep using it at the moment. My very first game but its a good place to start!

Soldierone2286d ago

Are you just using the development kit, or did it actually release for some devices?

sypher2286d ago

Yeh the development kit (used to be called Playstation Suite SDK) comes with PSM Studio (which is where you do the majority of your work, coding etc) UI composer (for designing all the User Interfaces) and Publishing Utility. Also comes with documentation and tons of working examples.

chrisarsenalsavart2286d ago

They need to kill the Minis initiative.

metsgaming2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

i think i saw somewhere that the mobile stuff can do trophies ? If thats true that then no one would make a mini over a ps mobile game and minis will be killed off. This kind of replaces minis, a much better replacement, seems more inviting its more open, not as many restrictions, trophies, more appealing to consumers etc.

joeorc2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Sony was treating the smartphone, Tablet , smart TV and the PSVita as one ECO system. There was a very clear reason. not just Sony 7.4 Million xperia smartphones sold per Quarter. but other Smart device manuf. that Sony would like to sell Playstation Software on.


Samsung saw the biggest growth, from 70 million phones in Q2 2011 to 90 million (total handsets) in Q2 2012. 90 million!!! in 3 month's

People were asking How Sony was going to turn it around, this is How!

miyamoto2286d ago

PS Mobile will transcend hardware limitations of the PS brand. It like the soul & spirit of PlayStation.

Now where is my Mario & Pokemon killer Sony? Not Puppeteer or TearAway a real uber cute Japnese mascot Sony game.