Check Out Black Ops 2’s CODcasting in Action

Kotaku - In a live demonstration streamed direct from Gamescom in Germany earlier today, Activision and Treyarch showed off Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's exciting new multiplayer broadcasting tools. Finally a way for an unskilled loudmouth like me to enjoy Call of Duty.

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-Mezzo-2309d ago

I really don't see this working without the 'Dedicated Servers' support for Consoles.

Veni Vidi Vici2308d ago

Didn't Blops have DS's for consoles. It did for PC but they were all through one server provider that wasn't that great.

I'll still take DS's through a not so great GSP over the shitty P2P garbage that IW forces people to use on their games.

-Mezzo-2308d ago

No, not a single COD game has had Dedicated Servers on Consoles, not even Black Ops.

Veni Vidi Vici2307d ago

Okay, dang, sorry. I wasn't sure. I play on PC so I don't know which is why I asked.

I'd say I'm shocked but to be honest, I'm not. It's sad that so many games are going to P2P.

Zha1tan2307d ago

hard luck there MERICA!

lol the game looks pretty damn meh though, prob have a decent campaign like most of the COD games. I shall rent it.